ICE CREAM PARTY - 13* Titans, All War hits, Fun Group! 29/30. (lvl 60+)

Temping. I love you guys. If it was three…

Man that stinks! I will keep an eye out!

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Come join us, two new spots open!

@Math-Teacher are you on discord? Are you able to screenshot me your 3 player profile?

My alliance is just slowly crumbling and I’ve been keeping an eye on your guys.

One spot available, come join Team Cream!

When you guys have at least 2 open spots, give me a holler. I’d like to be high up on the waiting list. Thanks! :innocent:

No problem, yeah we had those two spots for a couple days but we just didn’t have your third spot. I will let you know as soon if two open up! @Math-Teacher

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Three is a lot. I figure, I’ll just slide over with my buddy and bring my alt account if space becomes available.

zdravím moc sa v Tom nevyznám ale chcel by som sa ku salónu pridať kto je aktívny lebo tam čo som tak není nik a ja sám neviem ani tytana zabiť možno dnes sa mi to po darí dik v hre som tiež Miro ale ako píšem moc sa nevyznám ale som tu každý deň

Mifo urobilo mi to preklep

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One new spot open, come join our great group!

Place to be! Come join us!

New spot open! Come join us!!

Are you guys still interested? I might have two spots opening up @Math-Teacher

Thanks for the invite. I found a new home with the Crew.


Two new spots open! Come join the fun!!

If you don’t take another screenshot with me on top you may be looking for 3 new members soon… Err, um, I mean…this alliance is awesome, join up now!


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