ICE CREAM PARTY - 12* Titans, All War hits, Fun Group! 29/30

2 new spots open, join us !!

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Ideally, those two recruits:

-Come with tons of baggage
-Have bad attitudes
-Are inconsistent at best
-Drama oozes out of every pore
-Rarely use all war flags, if any
-Like Drake’s music

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Drake the type of dude to close the refrigerator with his hip…

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I so hate it when that happens.

One new spot open! Groove is in the heart…

…the heart of eggnog?

These guys and gals are cooler than anyone in your alliance.

Change my mind.

hey I don’t have the required amount of trophies and sometimes I get my phone taken away so I won’t be active but I will tell u guys can I join?

Hi @Awesome09 unfortunately the alliance requirements are pretty firm but we would consider
but right now we are full. Thank you for checking in though!

oh yeah its ok i can’t currently play c my phone was taken away but thx

oh yeah umm if u guys consider can u just message?

Two spots open! Join now!!

I’m not sure if this is real or not, but it’s hysterical either way. :rofl:

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3 spots open now, join!!

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I’m going to paint your face bro!!

1 spot open join our team now!

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is the spot still open? i’m interested

Yes! One spot is still open @sharan

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