Ice ascension advice


Which hero would you ascend first?

My other maxed ice Heroes: C. Magni, Alice and Krampus
My other maxed healers: Puss, Telluria, C. Boldtusk, Melendor and Kiril.

Thanks in advance

Frida colbat ariel would be what order I’d level.
Elemental def down is great, Colbat will be alright at 3/70 but so could Frida depend on titan your on.

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Frida > Ariel > Cobalt

Our Titan are mainly 11-12*

Since I don’t have a Lev. 23 mana troop, is going to be difficult to pair Frida with my ice snipers (offensively talking).
I know how good is elemental def down cause I’ve got Panther, Evelyn and Jackal, but all mentioned paired perfectly with other fast heroes.
I was also thinking about Ariel because I don’t have a blue 5* healer.

Tough choice…

I would do Frida first

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