I124Q is adding active members

we are 15 members strong as of right now. we recently purged inactives and are adding active players.
we are beating 5 and 6 star titans.

what we are looking for:

  1. daily active players
  2. use a minimum of 3 flags on each titan

3)use all war flags

  1. have 600+ trophies
  2. have fun!!!

we do not require another app for communication but we are active in alliance chat.
we are an open alliance so hop on in and let’s earn some rewards

active players wanted

let’s kill titans and March down the path of valor

to find us search I 124 Q

capital i space 124 space capital q

blue 5* titan just appeared, come kill titans and earn PoV points

fresh titan, purple 6*, come earn PoV points

active players come win wars and kill titans

active members wanted

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