I would love to ascend my Elena

But getting hidden blades is like pulling out my molars with a pair of Channel Locks. I got 2 of them. I need 4. I’ve had 2 for the last year.

Thank you for listening.

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Hello and welcome,…
how many 4* red maxxed so far? And what is the rest of roster?

Hi @Talzemorden_Knight, welcome to the forum.

Congrats on drawing Elena! The most predictable way to obtain hidden blades is by completing the Mount Umber rare quest events. The rare quests appear every ten days or so in a fixed sequence.

Fortunately, there is a calendar you may consult to see when the next quest will appear; just search for #calendar. Later this week, for example, the Shrikewood quest will take place. The calendar also indicates which ascension materials are given for each quest.

The order of quests is Shrikewood - Frostmatch - Farholome Pass 1 - Shiloh Deser - Morlovia - Farholome Pass 2 - Mount Umber.

As luck would have it, the quest you want just passed, so there’s a bit of a wait for its next appearance. But, you should complete all the quests and stockpile those ascension materials for when you have another hero to level up.

Good luck with Elena!

Updating to note that Shrikewood began today.


This comes to a question: what alliance you are in? What titans you deal with? It is worth going to an alliance that hunt 7* and higher. from my experience these titans give you ascension materials quite often. Say, once a week or even more frequently.
If your heroes are not strong enough to deal with that high monsters you, probably, should keep 5* heroes for the brighter future and focus on 4* roster.


I have Elena as only red *5. I even have all ascension items necessary for full ascend. But is she worth to spend 6 rings ??? I have serious doubt about that. So I decided to wait for a while and get another red.

It depends on how many chances of getting other red 5* hero you have. If you are a f2p or c2p you might wait for a red 5* for a long time. Elena has a very high tile damage, so she is good for Titans. Even if she doesn’t fire she does considerable tile damage.

Personally, I use her not only against red titans but in many raids. She also helped me finishing Advanced Springvale.

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Thanks for advice, will think about it. I am not f2p entirely, buying vip, vallor, and some extra discounts price for gems. So I have fine odds to get another *5.

If so, then you can try to summon someone in Atlantis Raise or Valhalla of course.

Or hidden gem like Marjana from TC20

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There’s been multiple places where you should have been able to receive free hidden blades over the past year. You need to take advantage of all free quests available. Make sure to keep up with the current POV because


Honestly I have them both and use Elena more often then Marjana. I usually use Wilbur and with his debuff all plus spiritual link AoE of Elena inflicts more damage that sniper attack of Marjana.


Wilbur is *4, but he is actually *5. His sinergy with Elena sounds great. You conviced me to think more serious about Elena, unless I get some A or A+ grade red *5.

As for topic about hidden blades. In first few months of playing is difficult to get those items, but its even more harder to get rings, tonics, tabards ect. So dont worry about hidden blade it will come eventually, sooner than you think.

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Elena was my first five-star red and was my only one for a long time. I now think of Marjana as my “best” red, but still consistently use Elena in wars and raids. @SuuriKoira is correct about tile count. In fact, she has the highest tile score of anyone on my roster. I don’t think you’ll regret leveling her.

If you’re a gambler, you might hold out to see whether you can score Gravemaker from the Atlantis summons in May. But unless you draw a bunch of great red five-star heroes, I think it’s a question of when you level Elena (i.e., before or after your lucky Gravemaker draw) and not whether you do.


Good point, those hidden blades are hidden in multiple places.

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Thanks for advice. I am preparing some amount of summons when Rising comes, hope will be lucky to get famous Gravemaker. If not, I will level up Elena. Havent notice before her tile dmg is highest among classic heroes. What path you recommend for emblems, shield or sword path ?

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Wilbur n elena don’t mix riposte takes away from elena full affect if wilbur special is on.
If your pulling at atlantis grave maker is up maybe wait till then and decided


Oh, I said she had the highest of my heroes, not all heroes. I have given her 9 emblems. Without emblems, Elena at 4.80 has an attack value of 809 (Marjan’s is only 669, Horghall 657, Sartana 694, Isarnia 797 for example). I went shield and heart with emblems, but I didn’t know what I was doing as I was essentially trying to “balance” her out by giving her more defense – she was my tank at the time.

I would recommend going attack to maximize her strength, but I’ll bet smarter players will have better and different advice. Also, I read a thread a while back about the relationship between riposte (counterstrike) and shield, so that her lack of defense works well with counterstrike. If I can find that, I’ll add it to the thread. But if I recall correctly, my embleming of her was definitely making her less effective.

Here is a post from @Suicide_Bunny about Elena and Marjana. I found this interesting:

They are both victims of poor design. Elena is slow with def oriented special, but her stats are among most attack oriented in the game. This makes her very weird hero, that usually does not survive enough to fire, and when fires, it’s usually already impactless (heroes around her may be dead, enemy is ready with healer/dispeller etc).

Marjana, on the other hand, is a pure red 5* sniper - surprisingly, one of her kind. But her stats are so defense oriented, her special attack damage is very underwhelming. Falling behind even her other classic colleagues of the same specialty. Even though I have her on max and with emblems, I still prefer to take Zim/Lancelot/Wilbur/Falcon on my titan fights, and rarely consider Marjana to take elsewhere as a sniper (especially that green tanks are rarity, and if I take off colour sniper, it’s usually Magni or Joon).

Both heroes would be really AMAZING if they just had their stats swapped. In current form, both are rather average. Personally, I would be leaning towards Marjana just because fast snipers can be good for everything, even though she’s probably the worst of them all. Considering your mate has only one 5 star hero of a color maxed, he’s likely quite early in the game so he may actually find her useful for a while (as I did, given she was also my first 5 star red hero maxed).

And here is the post by @Sternman about Boril versus Cyprian:

For longevity of usage, Boril’s higher defense means that although be returns less damage than Cyprian he will live longer and therefore you can continue using him on defense well into diamond raid arena while you upgrade additional 5* heroes.

On Boril I speak from personal experience.

Cyprian doesn’t show up much at all in diamond since with the lower defense he doesn’t survive as long when facing 5* attackers (ie he doesn’t punish a bad board as much as Boril does).

When still working your way up, both will work very well and the choice will be best made by looking at the synergies with your other heroes. All else equal, I would choose Boril.


That’s interesting; after a moments thought, it is even incredibly intuitive! As long as she survives to deliver the riposte counter strike, the more damage she takes, the more she can dish out!! Thank you thoughtful stranger for making me think (you aren’t exactly a stranger because the name is definitely familiar but your avatar is new?).


I’ll be really disappointed (surprised?) if someone else has the handle El Drac but it’s a big world.

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I assume you mean Green titans

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