I would like to see E&P become harder

this is not a discussion for nerfed heroes and how you are or aren’t upset (please leave that out. So they do not delete this thread).

E&P I see has a problem. I believe they want to have harder heroes come out and they cannot do it in the long run. To many people ask for them to weaken a player, so they can advance. And it starts this Nerf.

I did quit the game today. Which is hard because I have a lot of friends I have made. As well as I honestly liked the type of game it was. But I do not like that heroes have to be equal. I would actually like to see for once some hard heroes and harder heroes needed to defeat them.

If I hear E&P is going to develop hard heroes and not Nerf, but instead make harder heroes to defeating those. I would definitely return and start spending again.

Heroes are getting better and better despite the recent nerf. In 2 years there have been a small number of nerfs, 3 of which were major and a handful minor. Most strong/borderline OP heroes have merrily danced their way past the nerf web.

If you really don’t find the current defenses challenging and the opposing hero levels are not strong enough for you and that is impcating your challenge and enjoyment levels why don’t you instead weaken your teams? Challenge yourself to only play with 4* heroes for example. Or only with slow heroes. Or only 5* heroes at 3/70. Or only rainbow. I have found there is enjoyment to be had with each successful new team configuration you put together where you are able to overcome the challenge and I think this could provide you some fresh experiences.


Author : don’t take about nerf

Also author : Talks about nerf

Author : don’t talk about you being upset

Also author again : talks about being upset for quitting the game and lost friends.



Could y’all imagine where this game would have been today if they left telluria alone? Let telluria be King of mountain a few months. And then start coming out with players like Reuben and Noor should have been, and let them clean telluria clock. Which would have made people start looking for how to make the defense better. And then they would have been begging a few months later for the next big tank hero.

@Ham.Cheese I was meaning don’t be showing your butt to being disrespectful to getting this thread locked. Or going on a rampage how your upset about “x” situation of “hero” that just happened. E&P has clearly made it clear they are removing those kind of threads of just complaining. Keep it about the point of you think this game should become where it is hard and the only way to beat that long of the hill is get the next top dawg hero and learn to build a team that can beat them.

@Homaclese that’s what I’m getting at that I don’t like I have to challenge myself to stay entertained. We should not be beating season 3 hard with 4* heroes. And etc stuff. We need a true challenge where when or if you have “x” hero at that time you could be in the top 100 in raids and wake up the next morning of still being there, instead of dropping a ton of cups over night.

The game wouldn’t have changed even if Telluria stayed in the same form. She would have dominated the meta a few more months and after most players had built 6 war teams with cleansers, Garnet or Bera/Freya would have taken her spot. Just look at today’s meta, Freya and Bera were never nerfed and yet the top war tanks are Xnolphod and Elizabeth.

That’s impossible because every defense team is meant to be beaten. Defense teams aren’t meant to stay in top 100 forever. Besides, if you’re above 2400+ trophies, rankings have no importance in the game. You’ll open the diamond tier raid chest even when you have 4k trophies or you’re number 1 global.

Why not? If the 4* heroes have good synergy, they will do a better job than a team of fully emblemed and limit broken 5* heroes with no synergy between them.

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Agree with this 100%. I have enough maxed 5* to never use a 4* in war, but I routinely use about the same amount of 4* and 5* in war, mainly because of synergy. True, many of them are limit broke, have costume bonus, and fully emblemed, but they are still 4*.

The offensive team ALWAYS has the advantage in PvP. Being able to build a team to specifically counter the defense is why people lose cups over night. There are a lot of smart players that play and know how to beat any defense.


So, you like the upgrade cycle of new heroes that you need newer heroes to beat them.

Here’s a problem with that… it’s not necessarily the case. Yes you can go with that approach, but I suspect a lot of people get frustrated easily because they keep losing without understanding how to play the game. Basically you have people spend thousands on the portals and AMs to get the latest and greatest and the complain that they keep getting beaten by the Christmas defenses (for example). OTOH, others will take what roster they have, including S1 heroes and work out a way to beat them. Not ALL the time, hence some difficulty, but enough that they aren’t complaining that heroes need to be nerfed so that they can be beaten by S1 heroes all the time.