I would like to report specific alliance

I joined an alliance few weeks ago. I participated in wars fighting titans and just one hour ago they threw me out without any warning and explanation. How can they do that?

Alliances are like “Right To Work” states and getting fired. As for those states, other than race, religion, sexual orientation, you can be fired for anything or even for nothing with no recourse for the fired.

If you all have a group chat like Line or Discord, maybe ask them so you know if they were being goofs or something on your side that may need attention. Not all players are the right match for all alliances and vice versa.


That sounds like an unpleasant experience, but it is not “cheating” and therefore reporting will achieve nothing.

The leader(s) can kick anyone they like for any reason at any time. Luckily many only do so with good reasons.

There are plenty of alliances in exsistance with differing rules and leadership. Find a nice one :slight_smile:


Well, in some alliances there is a big fluctuation, specially after lost wars. If you are looking for a new home, Witches Cauldron could be a pretty good choice. :grin:

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They might just be inconsiderate.

But every now and then I’ve seen people kicked out of alliances by accident.

If you have a way to contact the leaders via chat, it could be worth asking. It might turn out to have been a mistake.

You could also try rejoining and asking or seeing if there’s discussion in chat that might clarify.

If it wasn’t an accident, I agree with @DBC, just go find a nice alliance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Better lose then gain people like that?

Move on, keep playing properly.
The right alliance for you is just behind the corner.


I am sorry that this happened to you without the opportunity to learn why.

I would move forward and find a new home that accepts you as the person and player that you are.

If you are up for a visit, come join the Titan AssKickers. We are a casual alliance, but we like to win while celebrate the efforts of all of our team members.

But to answer your question…

No, SGG won’t get involved in this issue. If you liked the alliance, see if you can find out whether it was an accident, or something you did that can be repaired. If an accident, rejoin. Anything else, learn and move on.

Alliance leaders should never boot someone without notice, IMO. Unless someone accidentally pushed a wrong button (or some disgruntled co-leader kicked everyone out of the alliance and then left), i wouldn’t want to be in an alliance that made such a big move arbitrarily.


There is no in-game way to contact anyone directly. Here is a perfect example of where there would be value and benefit for SG to provide a way.

I really hope this can be raised to SG as an issue.

Please allow for direct messaging to players, in-game. It would be very helpful to enable more robust player-to-player in-game communication.


It’s been raised many times before, they’ve just categorically dismissed the idea in the past.

It’s possible that might change at some point, but I don’t personally think it’s very likely. I think it’s more likely that they’d endorse/incorporate a third-party chat platform, if anything.

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I appreciate that. And I know you’ve responded on this previously.

I’m hopeful that in the Ask Me Anything, it can be raised, as i do not see it as a game design issue, but rather as a community communication issue.

Thanks again.


Sorry you had such a bad experience. But there is nothing anyone can do. And ask yourself - would you want to go back? There are lots of good alliances out there that will help and support you, look for something new and don’t look back. It’s their loss after all. Good luck


I totally agree it’s appropriate for the Community AMA, and think it’s worth bringing up again.


I’ll bet you it was just an accident if you were active and followed the rules… just request to join again.


How can I know which one is a nice one?

If it has Helios in the name


You can look through the Alliance Recruitment threads here and see if anything sounds good to you. Do you like their requirements? Do you like their way of talking?

Go check them out. You can leave a message in their thread to ask more questions, or ask to visit and see if you’re a good fit with them.

I wish you all the best! :+1:


Join them again to ask for a proper explanation.


Good idea to join em again but I already joined another with a warm welcome from almost all members :slight_smile:


Hope it works out better this time :grinning:


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