I would like to know

I like this game a lot , but some things bother me , to be specific , danzaburo being a hero , Santa Claus , samara from the movie the ring, scrubear , the Mozilla Firefox logo in Atlantis with two colors of bandana , flamingos , the bunny from nesquick , i can go on but by now my point came across , i get it a lot of people a lot of strange ideas , some are talented some would like to be , one needs to filter it, and say no to bad ideas ( Danzaburo ) even if it hurts people’s feelings , in the end you want to make money , so stop the Alice in wonderland red hood and easterbunny weirdness , it ruins the game , norsksaga amazing idea , the squirrel ( ratatoskr ) Bad idea , if you need ideas or inspiration , let us help , make some kinda Paige or something where people who play the game can send you artwork , to help improve the game , I’ll gladly sit down for 6 h and draw you a hero for free , one that will look amazing and that people will accept as a hero , but remove that insult ( danzaburo ) to the players who play this game , not everything can be polished to shine amongst marvels , think about it

So what exactly are you suggesting? What are we supposed to be voting for?

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I like the squirrel. What’s wrong with him?

Personally, I like Santa (I always have) and Red Hood - well, what more can I say …

I get where you’re coming from… you want more originality with the heroes.

Maybe the creators are trying to keep us hooked since we can relate to the events (Easter, Christmas, wonderland…) and therefore, the heroes, throughout the year.

Who knows…

Your taste in heroes is being met and satisfied by many of the heroes.

Why would you object to others who have different tastes also being satisfied by alternatively styled or sourced heroes?

It can’t ALL be just about you.

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What @Halifax said. And to stress it more fully:

After careful pondering, I think I can answer your question.

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Well, lots of people submit hero designs already…

Reaches for merge button…

I love the hero designs and love where they pull inspiration from and their takes on those characters. And at the end of the day it is about what the hero does not what they look like…just saying

I honestly don’t understand what is your problem with the heroes you mentioned. Even the “normal” heroes look similar to something else…see here more info:

Why is it bad to have characters from other cultures as Danzaburo

is or Santa?

You must forbid nearly all heroes we are playing with as many are related to legends or are any kind of supernatural creatures…

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Is it Fat Girl Slayer you object to or Fat Girls Layer?


I object to this simply because I have found all girls layer their clothing, especially in winter weather

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