I would like to know more about you forum folk

Reading bios is cool and all but some are kinda scarce so this is an off topic thread where you can post anything that means something to you or that helps describe you as a person or anything else. Ill start with the two below images one representing my career and the other my favorite painting. Also if there has to be E&P talk to stay open mention your favorite hero, person you play with, or something… :upside_down_face:



Also I hard core stan Magni as a hero and as a norse fictional deity

Tagging people to start some chatter
@voidstrike Best E&P player by forum discussion

@JonahTheBard rejoined mod and lotr fan

@Rigs frequent liker of my posts (thanks fam I appreciate it)

@Gryphonknight your avatar for the forum interests me and I want to know more.


Just a guy that enjoys a game lol
Not much to tell

Favorite hero i own= finley


Is it purely his power that you like or are there other reasons

I got two 18-dart stick magazines for my nerf guns for Christmas. Which is excellent because they hold more than my 12-dart magazines. Six more to be precise.
And they are much more reliable than the 16-24-dart drum magazines. The rotating mechanism chews up darts which have gone a bit soft.

So…er… snipers or such


who am I? I’m a data nerd, old enough to be a grandma, with an addictive personality and too much time on her hands. What better combination than to play an RNG -based game? :roll_eyes: I blame hubby - he made me download it.

Now for the required game info: My favorite hero - Zim. I have ‘better’ heroes but she’s the one I wanted.


Pics or it didnt happen cause Ive never seen such nerf guns also Ive been meaning to organize a nerf gun fight with some friends for nostalgias sake.

The utility

His damage isn’t all that great after the 1st target

But being able to use the opponent’s buffs against them is a very useful and very fun tool to have(anyone that hasnt faced alby with finley and almost expired time due to playin E&P whack a mole, doesn’t know what they’re missin)


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Zim cat is a gem I’ll ask ya the same question I as Rigs Y zim what made her special to you, also data nerds are cool. is your hubby on the forum or does he just play in your alliance.

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I’m an IT guy in his 30’s, who basically uses this game as a time killer.

My favorite hero that I own, is a close one between Evelyn and Miki. Evelyn was the first HOTM I ever got, and she’s amazing! But I think the nod goes to Miki, as my favorite part of the game is titan hits, and Miki is a titan killing machine! So far, Miki has allowed me to surpass 100k titan hits on 2 different colors of titans, red and blue.


This is dope and will probably read through all in the next couple of hours


I also like this but wish it had more visablility for new people who join the forum. This one will probably take me longer to read through

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Omg!! This is going to be my favorite thread. I can tell. :slight_smile:

Rigs… stop rolling your eyes.


Taking liberties with quoting you… That’s a lot of Joons. I hope you also got his costume.


Is Joon your favorite hero?

Listening to audiobooks, watching tv shows on kodi and playing this game.

My favourite is Ariel, amazing healer and lights up the rest of the team


Hmm. No surprise that I’m a math teacher… 18 yrs in. I’m coming up on my 2 yr e&p anni in February and my 2 yr anni with crew- in April… can’t believe they’ve kept me around this long.

Lots of fun players that I’ve had the privilege to play along side of or chat with… some still playing, some retired. A few of my favs…

@Garanwyn miss you
:roll_eyes: to @Rigs @Mr_Style_Points
:beers: to @KLinMayhem and @Biermeister
Forum friends @voidstrike @JonahTheBard @guvnor @anc1ent1

Favorite hero that I have: Evelyn
Favorite hero that I want: Panther


I didn’t have a cleanser. Hubby used to tell me ‘Well, you would have won if you’d just taken Rigard… oh, that’s right… you don’t have Rigard’. So, I had to have better :grin: Plus her hitting and elemental link was a definite improvement.

He lets me pull my hair over some of the… errrr… ‘fun’ posts here and let him know what’s going on. Nope, definitely not a forum member. Lol

He plays in HIS alliance. He’s technically the leader but everyone knows who the real leader is. :rofl:


Father, Son, Brother, Hero, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Friend, Allliance Mate, Lover… all things my Guardians Reborn alliance says about me daily. But probably the most interesting thing about me is my sister-in-law invented the Peanut Butter Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Favorite hero: Also Zim. She’s good for raids, defense, war, titans, events, etc.


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