I would like to join an active alliance - trophy 600-1500


I am looking for an active alliance as I have got enough of beeing in alliances with 30 people, where only half is playing…

I can have around 1200 trophy if needed but I am purposely keeping it lower, at around 600 for easier farming.

Here is my team:

At the moment I am trying to max the first team out and after that I will be focused on the rest of them. I have started to play the game like a month ago.


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Hey, check out Wolves of Winterfell and see how you like it! :slight_smile:

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Rumcjas, you can join Bayana, min. 1000 trophies required. We don’t tolerate laziness :slight_smile:

Idle hands is the place for you! We started over about 3 weeks ago because the leader was inactive and would not kick out people that did not help out. Drop in say hi see if we are a good fit. We currently are fighting 7 and 8 * Titans with 100 percent participation of 20 team members strong. Let us know and we can change our trophy count to let you in.

If you haven’t found an alliance give us a try…you might like it…look for me in game…Seven Days Slaying and apply…we are not related to any Seven Days alliance…

Rumcajs997 l am impressed with your initiative.
Northern Bears is a stable alliance of dedicated players. You would be very welcome to grow with us.
We use Line to communicate.
Line ID azurediver
Best of luck in your search.

Try us if you are still looking. I am purging right now and need to refill the team. If you are looking to grow and willing to grow with us, we are here. Wakanda Forever.


Our alliance Suicide Squad Heroes is looking to fill a few empty spaces. We don’t have a trophy limit, have players from 5 continents, English speak and active chat, and family friendly! No application required. Just type us up and join! :slight_smile: We always share tips whether newbies or veterans. Right now we’re attacking 5 and 6* titans mostly. Look us up. Our alliance is led by Alterego! Best of luck :slight_smile:

Screenshot_2018-04-26-22-19-40 This gives you an idea of the type of titans we are fighting btw!

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