I wonder which heros are never going to be in HA10

The only one that I can think of might be Mytzero.

Not sure personally that SG will ever put the Ninja heroes into HA10


Currently the seasonal heroes are not included either, and the newer event heroes, and of course Season 3 heroes.
I am not sure will they included in HA10 later or SG will add more HA levels later to get them…

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By the time that happens, ninjas will be obsolete and s5 will be relevant with 9s heros.

I’d assume all that isn’t available now (all seasonal, newer challenge event, Ninjas, S3) PLUS costumes.

At this rate, perhaps they will add S3 once S5 begins (Not asking for S3 to be added now btw).

The costume updates. So you’ll be able to get Queen of Hearts, but not her costume. You’ll just be spinning your wheels to get much inferior heroes.

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