I won the battle and lost connection with server - 0 points


I won the fight, killed last two heroes and suddenly 1 second later I lost connection with server (but not with my internet, it was nice and stable). I clicked ok and was back on AW field but my nick was stick “fighting” - see the video.

It happened around 8:40AM London time. After about 10min I got 0 points for that fight. I think something like that happened to one of our members last night as well (nick name Roh if you could check it), as his story seems similar.

What can be done in such situation as we have got this war super tight, literally equal, so I don`t want to lose over 60 points because of some bug.

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I just had the EXACT problem. I won, the second after my winning shot the game crashed due to connectivity even so I had no peoblem and fought the titan. All this time it still showed me fighting the war and a few min later I “lost”. I am seriously paying way too much money for a stupid app to do that!!! My user is KUDKOD. empires

Same here. Connection lost and won with 0 Points

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Fighting the Titan battle this morning went to fight him got kicked out and lost my my battle token that was wrong can you replace it with a new one

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