I won, but was told I LOST. TWICE!

First, playing through bluestacks on my PC, I got thrown from a game. count that raid as lost. Then I re-signed in, WON a raid, and the next page said I LOST and took points away and cups I lost out on DIAMOND because of this. What happened?
Second, playing on my Android Phone (see picture to the right), first time I thought maybe I missed something. Second time, 10JAN2019 approx. 0700 USA EST. Android version 17.1.0 BUILD 863 Account #45AKT
This forum thing also doesn’t encourage me. How do I know the developers actually see and address my problem? This is definitely a glitch.
REPEAT: I won but it came up as a loss and took cups away! TWICE! What the heck?

As has been noted repeatedly in the forum, SG does not provide support for E&P played through an emulator. Search for emulator or bluestacks to find discussion of this. (Might have been better to do that before starting another new thread about the issue, actually.)


Clarificationl. First time was on bluestacks. Second time was on my Android Phone. Thanks for helping me clarify.
This is not an EMULATOR problem. it is an ANDROID glitch.

The clarification and editing of your original message helps. You won’t get any assistance for issues you experience using an emulator, as noted, but the second event that happened when you were using your droid is a different matter. You should submit a support ticket (follow the in-game instructions to do this) including all the details you noted above.

There’s no real harm in posting that problem here - you might find that other people have had the same problem and add to the thread. (Searching the forum you might even find that other players have already posted similar problems.) When SG staff members glance at such a thread (as they do from time to time, though they’re certainly not assigning dozens of staff to do so constantly), if it is filled with people experiencing the same problem then it may well lead them to devote some resources to investigating it.

However, the forum is not a helpline. If you want SG to address your own particular problem, then using the in-game support function is the way to go.

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The first screenshot you provided shows “time’s up!” at the top of the raid notification. Did you win the raid (killed all of your oponents heroes) or did the time ran out and the raid ended? Cause if it’s the latter, you lost the raid. When time runs out, the defending team always wins.

At any time up, be it raid or War, defense is adjudged the winner.
Time up as shown on the screen shot shows you lost.

Looks like you ran over the 5Min.

Thanks to all that responded. Helps to have calmer heads assess the situation. Perhaps I went over time but I don’t remember there being any warning. In any case, What did I really lose? Nothing. So all is well. My dog still wags her tail when I come home from work. If it happens again I will file support tickets through the game itself.

Yeah, if you had watched the screen closely, there is always a notification of added time, perhaps you will have the time extended twice or so before the time up.

This is not a bug, it is part of the mechanics of the game, you do not need to report… Perhaps you need to carefully select your heroes against opponent’s so you can utilize the advantage of defeating opponents heroes within 2 minutes.

It’s like in the court, if you can’t prove the case beyond reasonable doubt, the defender walks free.:grin:

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