I will never pay money again

I stopped to pay since downgrade of Telluria


Yup the same goes for me haha

Well 35 summons and no 5* is what the odds suggest will happen…

And it happened. So there you go.


You need to analyze your reason for playing the game. And be brutally honest.

Do you want to be at the top of the heap? You need the best heroes and to get those you need to spend money. Otherwise, you are not going to be top of the heap. Ever. And why do you want to be top of the heap? It is extremely transitory anyway.

Do you want to entertain yourself with playing a match-3 RPG? Odds are in that case you don’t need to be at the top. Then you really don’t need the best heroes. Then you don’t need to spend. Ever.

Those that spend a lot will be at the top. Those that spend a little are hardly any better off than those that don’t spend. They just may cut a few months off the journey.

You decide what you want out of the game and what you are comfortable with. Then stick with it. It may be that the two do not align and you are mentally better off not playing.

Good luck.


I’ve luckily have been beating the odds in an insane way. Last month underwild summon got all 3 features, the hotm and lianna in one 30pull

On Christmas, I had 73 coins I saved from offers I bought. Pulled krampus, Santa and pengi.

Todays portal, Ariel, Mitsuki, kageburado and ursena. Took over 90 pulls.

Legends summon 120 pulls zero

Magic summoon 90 pulls zero

Before I got into spending I really looked at all the offers for a couple months. Then I just did some math and realized I’d personallly need to spend at least 1500 a month to enjoy the game and progress at a somewhat decent rate. Took another month before I dove in. When I did over 200 pulls and got nothing, I was not mad in the slightest. I knew exactly what I was gettting into.

I don’t know how many total summons you’ve done, and losing money hurts, I get it. I hope you can move on or find a way to have fun for free. Cheers!


LOL, this was what I was going to say…the norm happened.


As an FTP player for 3.5 years, I have to say I get less disappointed. The odds are awful, will probably always be… so the good luck is more memorable and sweeter because I don’t spend anything for it :slight_smile:


Hey Jack o , so Myth wars, that’s where you have been hiding :slight_smile:

In response to the OP, that’s terribly bad luck.

I honestly don’t spend much or do massive pulls… The most i have ever done is the 30 summons deal for TOL.

But for some reason i am extremely lucky with pulling heroes…my GF also plays the game, she can’t believe how lucky my account is.
And everyone on here with tell you i am far from a SG fanboi… So i’m surely not in favor.

Honest truth i got four from a 30 pull on last TOL and all extremely rare 5*.

What I’m getting at is, i suppose you can have extremely good luck or it can go the other way.

Now my only gripe is…where are the ascension materials to go with these heroes? You are missing a trick SG!! … Why would i want to do more pulls when i have 5* hero’s queuing up? :rofl:

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Lol great reply :+1: Good luck with those items :blush:

I very rarely make purchases in package deals. I only made POV purchases, I think this is the wisest of the small giants

Even if you get 5* heroes, you can’t ascend them. Enjoy waiting 8 months to get 2 ascension items (and remember, you need 6 more lol).

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Nice and positive as usual :clap:

Moved from C2P to F2P and I am much happier. I only buy the ultra cheap 1 month VIP for like $3 USD and it returns 1000+ gems whenever it comes up.


It’s more and more about the money at SG. Just ridiculous. The ones they call their top players are just ‘BIG SPENDERS’ who get a lot of good heroes for the money they put into this game and always the good tiles that make them think they are top and put even more money into it. The prices are just ridiculously high. Top games with top graphics such as FIFA just cost €50. In this game you can make 60 calls and get 1 5* if you succeed.
Recently made over 100 calls with our alliance and 1 Helena came out. Completed season 2 and 3 myself and zero 5* heroes from the free pulse, Season 4 is going the same way.

I stopped to pay since 2020 when i realize how fake this game is. Regret all euro what i put this before that.
Support is just like robot, only copy paste same explain what ever you ask them.
Just stop play this or at least dont pay anything so long they act like that.

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Thats not true! We have now 4 rare quests with a guaranteed 4* mats every month. You need 6 specific mats for a hero plus tome plus d-blade.
If you play daily you get one 4* mats from PoV every other month, one from seasonal event every three months.
In a worst case you need three months to get tome and d-blade
In six months you get all the mats guaranteed. With PoV and seasonals you can shape a few weeks off. And take into account that you will earn the ascension mats for 3-4 heroes in different colors in this six months. With chests, titan loot and Mystic vision you have additional chances to earn 4* mats. I am playing for 23 months now and have 25* already ascended, with mats for three more.

So its possible to ascend a 5* hero every month without paying for mats.
Important is to kill high level titans. With 8-10* titans I got 2-3 4* mats a year. With 14* titans I get two every month.

Happy gaming


and that’s an active player!

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I think the same.I tried to pull Heimdal today and now I feel really bad. 6x5= 30 €. 18 summons= 0 heroes of 5*.
This pretend to be an unhidden message

This x100!!! When I first started playing, I was a $80-100/month spender, and was able to obtain quite a few 5* heroes. I think I was able to pull the HOTM the first 6 months I played. Then came the dry spell that moved me to the $5/month for VIP, and even that I dont always purchase. I was never one to get angry for not getting the 5*, but it definitely moved me away from spending.

That said, I still run 3 HOTM from 2019 in my defense, and the recent family bonuses has helped me stay around the 2500-2550 cup mark, even with 2.5 yr old heroes and 2 LB 4*.

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