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@Petri If we have the option to report people in the game, and the same people day in and day out post alliance recruitment ads in the room(s) that isn’t intended for recruiting, why aren’t the devs doing anything about it…? People disrupt the chat, and we report them, and still, NOTHING gets done. If the devs aren’t going to moderate these logs and chats, why not have game mods…? I’d actually be happy to volunteer some of my game time to ensure that chats are used for their intended purposes… You need to make the rules more clear… Because this is unacceptable in Peer Support

It’s sad, I don’t ever venture into global chat for this exact reason. It’s endless spamming of the same msgs over and over. Any normal conversation gets lost.


Agreed, but at same time, I’m still learning new things, and like to share my advice with new players. It’s hard to have a decent convo when idiots spam the chat rooms…

While spammers are certainly annoying(including the one you posted which is just beyond ridiculous), you can just block them and they’ll not show up in your feed anymore.

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