I what order should i level up these heroes?

I just summoned Santa Clause, Reuben, and Marjana. In what order should i level these up? NOTE: i have only two other 5* heroes, Malosi and Vela. They are both fully leveled. I saved all my gems and EHTs for 6 months to pull during Christmas.


Marjana is a very good sniper. If your looking for an all round I would probably pick her first. My preference: marj, Santa, Reuben. Santa is good on defence and tourneys, Reuben is so new hard to say. Reuben could be useful if you don’t have a cleanser like rigard.

@UnluckyLester I think it depends what else you have and what you enjoy also. I for one would pick Santa if I were you. He’s slow, I know, but he’s a pretty decent tank, he gives some awesome debuffs:that -44 defense just like Isarnia that is amazing on titans, events and well, anything and everything. The -34% attack helps a bunch also to keep the team alive.
Minions are always great to have, take for example ninja tower where your health score counts also, my heroes with minions really make a difference there.
But if your playstyle is just smash and grab, then go for Marjana.
Reuben is nice also, but even so I’d pick Santa before him.

I decided to go with Santa and don’t regret it. Problem is now i picked up Khagan costume.

Who should i level next, Costume Khagan, Reuben, or Marjana?

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I’d go with C Khagan — because he may be slow, but you can toggle between a hit 3 and a hit one for one set of rings

Dialing in the “best” is premature while your getting your first few teams— and Drago hits hard enough / shield / buff others with enough longevity to focus on other elements (times/blades)

Marjana is second choice — but there’s isn’t enough difference between a few red 4* that your likely to get on your way to a deeper stable

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