I was double revenged... HOW?

Was just double revenged and I’d like to know how?

Names, and avatars, are not unique, could be two separate accounts.

Click on the avatar for the first one, then the second one. If their trophies match, it is most likely the same account. If the trophies are different, then they are two accounts.

You can also check the defense team, last active and alliance for differences. But if those three match it is not conclusive. Copying those three would be trivial for two accounts. But a difference in those three would indicate different accounts.

Trust me, I made sure it was the same account before posting. It was the same member and alliance. Exact trophies and now when I click on them they show the same amount of time when active.

If you successfully raided the other player twice with 8 hours in between, you will show
up twice in his watchtower and he can revenge both raids.

I’ve had the same opponent at the bottom and middle of my watchtower list, from two different raids.
I revenged them both, one after the other.


But revenge is supposed to be ONCE. He got me twice. When you revenge someone, your button goes dark and is disabled. This needs to be fixed.

I didn’t. I only got him once.

Are you sure?
Your raids of him can potentially be days apart.

Just because you only see one of your raids of him in your watchtower doesn’t mean that he can’t see you twice if you raided him before.
It can have dropped out of your watchtower list but still be in his.

He can revenge each one separately. Two separate raids, two separate revenge buttons.

Zero raided me twice during the weekend. I could see the first raid near the bottom of the list in my watchtower and the second one near the top.
I revenged the earlier raid first and its button greyed out.
Then I revenged the later raid right after.

His raids were something like 12 hours apart, my revenges were 2 minutes apart.


It’s not impossible but I make a point to pay attention to the alliance of the person I’m raiding and I do not remember him. Thank you for that POV tho!

Excellent point! While many players at the top of the ratings may run into each other constantly, players lower in the ratings have an easier time avoiding each other. Time between two raids could be days or weeks depending on the pool of available opponents for Bobbie and how often Porter raids.

My alliance fellows talk about mercing, could this account be jumping from alliance to alliance?

Possible but he had been in his alliance for many days

I don’t know if there is a problem or not (it sounds suspect), but right around your listed cup level I’ve pulled Robert Layne III or whatever his name is 3 times over as many days so it can happen.

I don’t think a revenge attack can be generated without a preceding attack, and one right after the other is either likely a bug or there were multiple attacks on his side of the watchtower log.

Without looking at the server side log don’t think this can be resolved.

What you’re reporting was also noted in this thread:

There were some possible explanations noted, but nothing definitive.

(@kerridoc, @rook, @coppersky, @zephyr1 possible merge to keep similar bug reports together)


Merged. :heart_decoration:

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