I want to solve this problem

Is there a boarding material in this game I do not see the boarding materials only in the shows I spent a lot of money, but Anto do not respect our minds spend money There are no heroes boarding materials I think retiring if the curriculum continues so and thank you

I am sorry I can NOT understand what you are saying or mean???:face_with_thermometer:

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Please post your comment in the original language (here or where you flagged us) so I can try for a different translation?

(I know that’s counter to the Rules, but I’m not sure how else to understand your comment.)

EDIT: By “boarding material”, do you mean “ascension material”? The items needed to level up a hero?


I think I can translate:

“Are there ascension mats in this game? I do not see any ascension mats, they are only in the shop. I spent a lot of money but the devs do not respect us or our money. There are no mats. I’m thinking of quitting if this continues, thank you.”


If your complaint is that ascension materials are not available in the shop, be aware they are available every ten days from rare quests for free.


Boarding material in this game show, but wait Anto appear as sun and moon together. It will be not disrespect if mind retire chosen when curriculum money goes and you are welcome.


But @Rohn, you understand me most times and I’m usually spouting basically unintelligible gibberish?

*oh and I believe he’s not happy with the availability of AM’s to ascend his heroes.

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