I want to join a top alliance


Team power 3410 and rising. Average around 2100 trophy’s. I’m lvl 29 almost 30. Very active. I speak English only and would prefer a English alliance. I just left a alliance the leader went inactive. I start a new one but I have no members😀 . I kill 1 star Titans by my self lol


Hi there :slight_smile: We’re currently recruting, give it a try!
Thirsty Beavers has 2x openings.

We are a Top 100 alliance looking for relaxed, but experienced players to kill 9* titans on a daily basis.
Must have 4*/5* star heroes on your team.

Apply via LINE app to fledoble or Artemis



Let me know when you’ve found a home; I’ll close this thread then. :wink:


If you still need a home let me know. 7* titan appears in few hours.


Hello Jarglo!

I’d love for you to consider the Mixed Nuts alliances!

We have multiple groups that all fight at different levels, from Slow Roasted which is for new players, right up to our elite Spicy Nuts, which are able to take the top spot on the leaderboard during our pushes (last time was just last week). We allow people to move through our alliances as they progress, or depending on what Life throws at them.

The Spicy alliance takes down 10* titans. There is a minimum damage requirement in the first 12 hours, and a requirement to be active in chat at least a little. Cups over 2000 when a push is called, otherwise we’re practical and allow you to drop cups in between.

Deluxe takes down 8/9* titans, and is a little more relaxed.

We do merc on fast kills and early passes, which is fun, social, and totally not required. :smiley: Line app is recommended, as that’s the way we communicate between groups, and when we pop out to merc.

Get in touch with me, or any other Nut if you’re interested! There’s often some of our players hanging around Peer Support in the game.


Listen to Copper ^^^


Or try Global Titan Slayers. Titans 6/7 . Expected to fight each day. A range of experience from about level 20 to 35


I’ve contacted thirsty beavers. I’m still waiting for acceptance. I like the way mixed nuts looks. I’ll check them out it thirsty beavers can’t find room


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What level of titan is your current alliance battling.


Check out Téam Canada Eh!

One space!

Great group of daily players who enjoy working together and having fun taking out Titan after Titan!


See you soon!


Jarglo has found a home with the Nuts! I’m going to leave this thread open for a short bit to chat with Tbilisi.