I want to hear from ALL mono players

Since the last 2 updates my teams have fell from a over a 80% win rate. Down to a 40% win rate. And after last update I won 1 of 12 matches today.

  • Yes you think mono is getting hammered.
  • Everything feels just like it did 6 months ago with mono teams

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THANK YOU for your vote and input as always. :+1:

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Well I’m an almost exclusive mono user and I haven’t noticed any sort of shift. I’m an extremely active player and I use up every raid flag and try to fill 2 raid chests a day. I dont keep track of my win % or good boards v bad boards but my success rate feels about the same to me. Sorry for your recent struggles.


I’m not sure I qualify as experienced enough to offer an opinion since I’ve really only used mono a lot in the past few months.

I can’t comment on seeing a change but I’m happy enough with my results. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it’s crap.

Pretty much what I expect :grinning:


Thanks @zephyr1 I tried lol…


I’m not mono but I’m just having bad luck in general with boards in the last week or two. Losing far more than usual and scoring poorly on titans.


All MONO player here :slight_smile: last 3 wars I went 5/6. That’s in line with what I have been doing as long as I can remember.

Random raids I do about 5-10 a week… win about 80+% of those, but usually able to hunt very favorable matchups.

So yeah, I’m not seeing any difference. And I do love me some mono :slight_smile:

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I typically raid 3-2 but I used 6 mono teams in this war and got 6 one-shots. A couple of them started really iffy but the boards improved as I cleared out a few. Last one was my second-string blues and it was actually the quickest match. Board started with a blue diamond and then cascaded a few more blue matches.

Then I went raiding and lost 3 in a row using 3-2.


No Change for me. If anything I get worse when running 3-2

My wars are usually mono & I used to (and still do) win 5-6 of the battles.

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Im full mono in all wars, raids and tournaments. I still have over a 90% win rate in raids, usually 1% in tournaments (maybe not this one, but its because I messed up my defense) and its rare I get less than 5 wins in war (5 for current).

I have bad days sometimes, even a few in a row. However, things always pick back up. Ive been playing since Gregorian was the HOTM and I can honestly say the boards have been the same this whole time.

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Mono is high risk high reward. I did go mono for a while a lot, but now tend to go 3-2. My preference. And with my built up deck, I feel I do fine.

In war today I went 3-2 strong red against an aegir tank. I think I was red purple with ursena (to watch a corner Poseidon kill himself) and Ursena or domitia who can dispell. I was able to win that match. Mono could have worked too, but 3-2 is my preference.

I still struggle with Ursena tanks though. May go mono or 4-1 against her.

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Rohan, other players rise, being king of the mountain makes you a target, get used to it, make it make you better.

@Halifax, you’re one of our premier mono champions. I assume you’re still smashing enemies comfortably?

When people say about mono being worse are they saying starting boards or just they can’t win .
I think people need to take into account that defence is much stronger now with talents and emblems and your probably up against more high level Troops compared to most mono troops as i wouldn’t there be too many that have 5 maxed out troops

I think a lot of people figure starting boards. But you don’t always lose with a bad starting board, and you don’t always win with a good one. I played mono when I first started raiding way back when I was still relying on 3*. I found it effective then. Now I use 3-2 because I have a strong enough bench to be able to field a 3-2 that can counter most defenses. In war I can’t build six strong 3-2 teams yet, and with the mono tank opponents we are regularly facing I have better results now over six flags using mono. For 3 I can be more consistent with 3-2, but the second 3 flags are not so good.

I don’t notice any significant change in the boards when playing 3-2 vs mono or from when I first started with mono many months ago. RNG is streaky, and sometimes those streaks can be aggravatingly long.


I play mono exclusively in raids and in war (apart from my 6th war team which can’t go mono just yet). I usually get an average of 5 one-shots in war against typically 4k+ opponents, sometimes 6, on a really bad day 4. My cups typically hover around 2500–2600 when I’m not raiding. I’ve entered the top 100 a few times, but it’s not something I strive for intentionally. Currently I raid exclusively mono purple, by the way, regardless of tank color. I’d rather fight Kunchen over Ursena, though.

I haven’t noticed a decrease in my win rates recently. In fact quite the opposite. The last few wars have gone exceptionally well for me and raids are starting to feel ridiculously easy. I assume I’m just getting better at the game, because my starting boards typically only have a vanishingly low number of my own color. But it’s only a bad board if after three off-color diamonds there still isn’t any of your color.


My Green C team is made up of 4stars and 3-70 5stars and it’s still able to handle top-5 enemy defences in war most of the time. We’re fighting enemies w 4100-4400 or so.

I killed 29 of 30 heroes last war.

I’ve gone 6/6 in 6 of the last 8 wars.

(Edit - 7 of last 9)

Mono is fine


If anything, I almost feel mono is forced. I really marvel at players who can pull off 3-2. I thought I could when tournaments came out and ran 3-2 for the first 2. Then I hit that wall of emblems and had to switch back to mono.

I also wonder if it’s because I formed my teams specifically around mono. I spent a lot of money my first year of play and have more heroes than I will ever see maxed (I was an idiot). When dishing out the mats, I was very careful to pick the best synergy for mono unless it was a hero specifically for titans…which where typically one in the same.

Also, things are much harder. I no longer feel I have the advantage I use to against defense. However, the boards are the same. I know that 80% of them gems on the board are not going to be what I need. It just hurts more because defenses are much stronger that they were before emblems.


I feel like, with emblems, 3-2 is tougher than ever. I’m going 4-1 more often than not lately.


I just had these 2 boards, yesterday, in the last war and then tournament…

If I can disable my mental bias, and dust of the memory shelf in the dark recesses up stairs… these “luck” events seem to come and go in big waves.

Stuff like this deprives you of serotonin. And frustrates your mind so you tend to remember them more! They linger… take snapshots of 20 boards, in a row. You might change your mind.