I want to go into alliance recruitment chat without being in an alliace

Could someone help me figure out how i can get to chat rooms while not being in an alliance. I touch the alliance icon that would normally allow me to chat but all thats coming up are the lists of alliances. I want yo gonin mto ggth

Click the chat Icon on the right of your screen above Menu if the chat lines aren’t showing, and then just click on the chat lines.

I assume this should work. I’m in an alliance so can’t actually test.

Ill give it ashot thanks ! Ill ldt u know how i make out. I. Looking to find an ally that needs a titan mdrc and perhaps a war merc as well. Until i decide if i want to settle into a home

Lol i feel pretty embarrassed. Haha yep thats all it was. I had my chat hidden. Thanks so much

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Cool that was all it was.

Feel free to look us up if you want, Empire Savages