I want to get an answer from the developers: WHEN WILL THE BUGS BE FIXED?

Hello! I have repeatedly written about bugs in the game, which for some reason are not considered bugs, and of course nothing has been done so far! And therefore, I want to repeat my claims again, but to hear the answer not from ordinary players, nor from forum moderators who are not part of the development team! I WANT TO GET AN ANSWER DIRECTLY FROM THE DEVELOPERS!

    I have written about this bug a billion times, but patience has already broken! For the fifth time in a row, we are being selected for an alliance that is much stronger than us!
    We now have 24 players in the alliance, 5 of them have a team with a maximum defense force of 3700-3900, and the strongest team has the strongest player - 4330. For all the others, the strength of the teams is 4000-4200.
    For the fifth time in a row, they select an alliance for us, in which all players have teams with a force of 4100, and only one of them can have a team of 3700-3900. And this sounds paradoxical, but the more wars we lose in a row, the stronger the alliance goes to us the next time we pick it up !!! And now we have been selected an alliance, which is only 11 days old, but the weakest player has a team strength of 4200+, the strongest - 4500+! Moreover, combos are not allowed to collect, all the players of our alliance curse the developers for the fact that they can’t even kill the central hero, they don’t give stones of flowers in general, and no strategy helps: neither a monocolor, nor 3 + 2, nor 2 + 2 + one!
    I can still understand when they give us alliances stronger than us 2 times in a row, but 5 times in a row is already too much !!! WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?
    I have proposed a billion times that the war score depends only on the top 30 heroes and top 5 squads of each player, and does not depend on victory or defeat, thereby eliminating the manipulation of the score by 99% and ensuring the selection of equivalent alliances but still nothing has been done!

    There is something to do with this bonus, but it’s better to remove it altogether! It turns out, so that for example I have 2 heroes left, the opponent has 1, and every 2 turns he restores health. Over the course of several moves, my heroes gain mana, cause damage, and the opponent then restores everything in 4 moves. It turns out that it is impossible to kill him if you do not have heroes blocking healing, and the whole battle comes down to the fact that you beat the last hero from an opponent, he regains health every 2 turns, it takes 5 minutes, and the technical is read to you defeat!
    In raids, this is done: if for some time you fail to kill an opponent, then at a certain moment the countdown starts for 5 minutes, and the force of the blow increases with each move, and as a result, you either kill the last hero of the opponent or he will kill you. WHY SHOULD NOT THE MOST BE DONE ON THE WAR?

    Who invented them at all? And I already asked a question: how can an opponent’s hero with a 6% probability be revived after each kill 6 times in a row or evade magic, and my hero, for example, Impudent Fang, with a probability of 30% (!!!) can only be revived 1 -2 times, but more often than not reborn? Or for example, 4 of my heroes attacked the opponent’s hero with magic, no one survives after such an attack, and the opponent remained completely unharmed because he dodged 4 times in a row with a 4% probability !!!
    When these talents were just introduced, the developers promised that the battles would become more exciting. I don’t know how it is different, but when the heroes of the opponent are almost dead and the victory is already yours, they suddenly begin to revive and evade attacks or counterattacks, as a result the opponent wins, it does not catch me at all, but only makes me angry!

    Recently, it has become impossible to get 5 * heroes. I received my last 5 * hero - Ursen - in May, on the street already in November, but so far I have not received any more 5 * hero in appeals. But I already have some good teams that I use for raids and wars, so I’m not very upset. But one of the former players of our alliance, who left us and quit the game thanks to the developers, told me the following: when the Pirates of Corellia event started, he really wanted to get Commander Finley, spent more than 200 euros (!!!) on purchase of crystals, made more than 10 calls x10, but in the end received only garbage! Of the 100 heroes, he received only Isarnia 5 *, which he already had in several copies, and for some x10 calls he received 10 3 * heroes !!! Neither Commander Finley, nor the hero of the month he received!
    I believe that this is disgusting and rudeness on the part of developers in relation to the players! I’m more lucky in a casino than in this game! Really for 200 euros it was impossible to give at least the hero of the month ???
    I recommended this person make a refund through Google Play Market, and if his account is blocked, then file a lawsuit against the developers.

    Of course, I have already been repeatedly explained that an opponent has a 20% advantage in an attack, but I still can’t understand why an opponent with 1 hit can kill my hero 5 *, and my strongest hero, for example, Lianna, cannot even kill 4 * heroes of the opponent?

Dear moderators! You can delete this topic, or block my account, but I will express my position:
WE WILL BUY CRYSTALS, BY THIS WE ARE SUPPORTING THE DEVELOPERS! Instead, we want to receive pleasure and moral satisfaction from the game, but we will not receive it because of the above bugs! And WITH EVERY UPDATE THE GAME BECOMES EVERY Worse and Worse!

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Then talk to the developers, and not to the ordinary players that populate this forum. Talk to support, not to the forum: How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)


But the developers do not read the forum? Why then did they create it at all?

Don’t wanna say the m word

I’m never coming back thread comes to mind etc?

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For us! “This forum aims to encourage vibrant discussion amongst players of Empires & Puzzles. The forum is intended to be a fun and safe platform to interact with other players across the globe - of all backgrounds and beliefs.”


None of those are bugs in the first place. No. 1 is an issue indeed. The warmatching can be manipulated by resetting the warscore, like your opponents did, 11 days ago. Agree, the warscore should only reflect the true firepower of the alliance, without additional points for each victory, because this is the reason the warmatching may be manipulated.

You’re kidding, right? No one forced him to spend 200 euros. It is like you lose at roulette and demand your money back because you didn’t win. It’s ridiculous and I hope you’re kidding.

And if you cannot deal with the aid field (which is problematic only for inexperienced players), if you cannot deal with the emblems, if you cannot deal with the summoning odds and so on, perhaps it is time for you to leave this game, because it seems is not for you. Good luck. You need it.


No need to compare the game with roulette! There is a game of money in roulette, and if I invest 200 euros, then I have a chance to win more!
In the same game, I do not earn any money! Moreover: developers of other games organize competitions between players with good cash prizes! In the same game there was not a single such competition!
Yes, no one forced our player to spend 200 euros on the game, and no one forced the developers to advertise how beneficial the x10 call was, and in the end give one garbage! You can call it “roulette”, I call it “rudeness”!

I read the news that some American company bought Small Giant, and the new owners demanded that the developers make it harder to get good heroes and items for their rebirth, supposedly this should increase interest in the game! But in fact, this is done so that users spend as much money on the game as possible!

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While the developers read the Forum, they rarely respond directly.

The Forum is primarily for player-to-player discussion.

As noted above, if you want to talk to someone from Small Giant, you can contact Support directly. They still won’t put you in touch with a developer, but it would at least be someone who works for the company.


Another weird complaint about game mechanics and well known summoning odds.

You’re angry about some things and that’s quite okay, but why do you say those are bugs?

Are you addicted to the game and therefore angry about yourself?

Now put away your phone and take a deep breath…

in… and… out
in… and… out
in… and… out

Then ask yourself, if you have fun playing it or not. If not, play sth else instead or go swimming. If yes, stop spending money and enjoy to be free or take it as it is.

Expect the worst and take it fluffy, cause otherwise it’ll be no fun.

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Thank you very much for the useless advice, BUT I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR THE RESPONSE FROM THE DEVELOPERS!
The “Support” button, about which they gave me advice, does not work, the program offers me to find the answer in the FAQ on the game myself!

You can say that the forum was created only for players and developers is not here, but if the forum has sections “Bugs and Issues” and “Ideas and Feature Requests”, then the developers are reading this forum! It is foolish to discuss errors and bugs of the game only among ordinary players, ordinary players will not fix errors and bugs!

Tbh this sounds like a lot of whinging.

I agree with yourslef regarding the war score manipulation… however for middle to upper tier alliances it’s harder to manipulate… So my advice might be to consider a merge or join a more complete alliance.

Regarding the new owners modifying the drop rates well… I’m afraid that’s a giant conspiracy theory…

As for not getting anything for pennies spent well… That’s the nature of RNG… The first word is RANDOM. Over time the statistics will even out but not necessarily in a short period of time or even on a time scale that you can see… There are posts in the forum and Reddit and other socials where people get the HotM AND a rare seasonal hero from a single token… That’s not the odds… But it’s just what happens…

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Please follow this simple procedure to submit whatever qualms you have about the game. No need to read any FAQs.


Thx for your answer, but your personal issues aren’t bugs and therefore can’t be fixed, neither by the player base nor by any dev.

I’m dissatisfied, please fix… :wink:



Often players will

Tell others fixes are pending.

([SOLVED] Game crashing after doing season 2 quest (v24))

The DEVS cannot comment, but Community team passes on bug reports from forum AND support tickets.

Warn others NOT to do something, thus avoiding the bugs ( I do not participate in 4* / 5* tourneys). (Increase emblem drops or 1x Free and 1x 75g Tourney or Run five tourneys- 5* to 1*- EVERY week or still bitter about 1*+20 heroes)

Offer work around like rerolling, crafting battle items, keeping a buffer of 1* / 2* heroes or a buffer of 1* / 2* troops (MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal - #19 by Gryphonknight )

We are not Devs, but we still help each other out!


Usually legal department, and marketing departments, forbid/ ban/ restricts DEVS from replying on the forum.

All the AMAs are vetted before asked (🗨 Upcoming SG Community Team AMA – Submit Your Questions Here! [no game design questions, please])

This is common practice.

J.K. Rowling is banned from reading fan fic ( legal system is broken). But many of her closest friends read/ write it as do most of the employees who create her products ( physical goods/ electronic goods).

J.K. Rowling can view fan art, fan songs, and other fan derived homages that do not overlap with her Intelectual Property ( written works )


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