I want to be a beta tester

Although the game has improved a lot, my account is full of bad luck, nothing is working, titan boards, war, revenge, invasions and tournaments are bad, invocations in the portal with gems or tokens does not yield anything good, I do not have so many good heros as I would like, in the raid tournament I get 1% and the prize pool is bad, my efforts are not rewarded at all, I get some good results for the ability to play.
Given this, I would like to be a beta tester, it would be a great pride to help E&P to develop and improve a game that is already successful … would it be bad for you a Brazilian to be a beta tester ???
Thankful !

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I don’t really understand why you create this topic, but:

Have you fill your application?



Please see the link above for information on applying for the Beta program.

Thanks to @yelnats_24 for the link! :heart_decoration:


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