I want to add a search function for alliance participation conditions

I am having a hard time acquiring new users.
I would like to propose it as a countermeasure.

Increase the categories of alliance guidelines so that you can search for the alliance that suits you.

As a category proposal
Number of alliances
Titan, conditions regarding war
Whether to chat within the alliance
Average trophy score

If there is a check item column for each, it will be easier to understand whether you are looking for it, and matching with the desired alliance will proceed smoothly.

Not to be the bearer of bad news… but I hate to inform you that even if you put expectations and prerequisites in neon lights blinking you will still get people that do not read it and just join. even after you filtered them through and they’ve agreed to everything it still happens. :crazy_face: Been doing this for over four years :laughing:
That’s the nature of the Beast my friend

Happy Gaming.
:popcorn: :beer:


thanks for the comment.
Your comments are full of love.

With that in mind, I’m looking for lighthouse light.

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