I Want My $1.99 Back!...Great Comms, Excellent group coheasion. We Like Winning! We're Not CRAZY!

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LINE b_e_o

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bumping cause we need a player

We’re Awesome !!! Join us and you too can be Awesome !!!

LINE: b_e_o

3400, 1600

We changed the name of the trainer to ‘The Training Alliance’
Makes sense, right!


We are competitive, but not CRAZY
We are organized, but not CRAZY
We communicate, but not CRAZY
We want to Win, but not CRAZY

Why are we called: I Want My $1.99 Back!

Because were not CRAZY and it would be great if SG gave us something for our money. That’s not Crazy, Right!
3400/1600 9* Come See if were a fit. Only Takes A Click
Get in before the next war. We Finish POV
I Want My $1.99 Back!
LINE: b_e_o

Welcome Ghost. Thanks for checking us out and joining the crew. :sparkler:

@I Want My $1.99 Back!

Find Richards Hammer…

What Have You Got To Loose? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We got our 8* Rare down. We should be killing 9* at least but were dropping for the up coming POV. We will get to level 50 in the POV, so join if you want to be in an alliance that will get all its titans. Join Now…Nothing to loose, Right!

LINE b_e_o

I must admit. You guys have some of the most creative, and entertaining advertising! :+1:

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:red_circle:Grashnak, a player from The Training Alliance just moved over to our main I Want My $1.99 Back!.
Crystal Dungon sent us a player with an alt that is very leveled. Got me on cups…dang!

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