I want a 5*


I don’t think it’s fair I spend good money to get better fighters and all I get is level two and fours. Nothing like what you advertise so tell me why I should stay and give you money when it’s not benefiting me or my team strength.

An Open Letter to the Devs Regarding Mercs

Whether you pay or not for gems there isn’t any guarantee of the hero that you desire. I just bought a barrel of gems and got nothing but feeder 3*'s. My gem balance allowed me one try. With that I got a 5* and a bonus draw of a 4*. It’s all random, the only thing consistent way to get ahead is to play ALL wanted missions, chests, quests and special events.


I dunno…I’ve played since April and only got 1-4* until tonight. First 5* ever, and it was from the free epic token (Winter Quest).

I think this game isn’t firmly in the Pay2Win model, balancing things between the P2W and Free2Play.

As for what you should do: Do you like the game? Play it. Many do. Find the best way to get what you want and pursue it.


I’m right there with you Rook, exactly on 5* so far and no HotM in about 7 months of play. On the other hand, ascension items are scarce so you don’t want to accumulate heroes TOO fast. As it is I have about 6 or 7 heroes that I’m leveling at the moment, and that doesn’t even include some 3*s I’d like to get going for the challenge event.


I understand that it’s frustrating. My last 3 summons have all been 3* heroes. I have two 5* heroes to speak of and I’ve been playing since they went Global. But, this really is a great game, aside from the lottery.

The community is one of the best you’ll ever see, as well. I’d say give it a chance. Find a great alliance and see where it takes ya.



The odds of drawing a 5* on the color-specific epic summons are approximately 2-3%. So in two 10x pulls 5200 gems), you have about 33-46% odds of getting a 5* hero in 20 draws. (This is somewhat improved when you figure in some chance of drawing the hero of the month.) so if your are F2P, you will be very lucky indeed to pull a 5* with the occasional epic hero token you draw. People with many 5* heroes have almost certainly paid something.

That said, I’m entirely comfortable paying something for a game I enjoy. Developers need to be paid.


Got a 5* from my Winter Quest token too! (Azlar). Very excited.


I invested similar amount as my gf. She got 2 x 5* + 4 x HoTM, I got only 4*. The funny thing is that I got solid team of 4* and do consistently more damage on titans, especially green and red (Boldtusk, 2 x Grimm, Gormek, Caedmon, Sabina, WuKong; spares: all other green and yellow and Rigard).


Often, a fully ascended 4* is stronger than a third ascension 5*. Wait until she takes her 5* up all the way, and she should be deal9ng more damage. (Of course there’s also player skill)


I start playing at beginning of may with my brother. One has 5 5* (four yellow and one purple and should have spend arround 300 euros) and the other got his first 5* today (marjana produced in camp 20 and waste arround 150 euros). Conclusion be patient and don´t waste money in this game.


“Waste” is a matter of judgement. :wink: as with any entertainment, don’t spend more than you can afford.


Agree, as most posts on forums :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems I had some luck a few weeks ago when I got three 5* quite fast. Of course by spending money for gems.

But during the last week I tried several 10x draws on specific colors. None of them braught me any usefull heros. Worst thing was today when I got 10 3* only. A total waste of money. With a single draw afterwards I got 1 4*.

I don’t see that there is a improved/better chance for lengendary heroes as it is advertised in the game.


5s aren’t the only way to play this game. I do however wish I could get some of the HOTM. I’ve spent around $150 and have about fifteen 4s to show for it. My one 5* was during a period I waited a few weeks to collect free gems. But as fancy as the 5s are, I wouldn’t be able to ascend them completely yet. So my 4 team works great until I get to TC-20 for free chances at 5*.


Playing since end of July, got no 5*, I tell you honestly I wouldn’t want any hanging around without being able to Ascend them.

I’m almost closing in on ascension materials for each color and i have a feeling something special will come out of my newly TC 20 in a week from now >:]


You make a very good point. The materials for the final 5* ascension are extremely rare, and the food and feeder requirements high (much higher than 4*). I think all players ought to start by building a solid 3* team quickly, then replace those with 4*, and finally seed in 5* when you’ve got them.

I drew Thorne early on, and so neglected building any other blue heroes. I would have been far better advised to build Grimm or another 4* first, then build Thorne (or another 5*) once I have Grimm up. I still prefer my fully leveled Grimm to my 3-70 Thorne for most purposes.


Not only I was able to complete both intermediate and advanced with a team of 4*(not all of them max out) but I ended up top 50 in intermediate. Not to mention the ability to complete any rare quest and beating the Lord.


Now i give you two teams, tell my which one is the most safe in rare quest and competitive in events:

  • Justice, Richard, Sartana, Azlar, Kadilen
  • Wu Kong, Grimm, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Little John


It’s all about what you are playing, what you have available and what the right mix of team is for that particular thing you are trying to accomplish, to Elpis’s point.


Why don’t you give him Vivica, Magni, Sartana, Marjana, Lianna instead and see which team he picks :stuck_out_tongue: