I’ve completed story mode and there was no rewards


I don’t mean meat and iron, I mean acension loot. For what You make hard levels, if You don’t give normal rewards and they have no difference with level 15 or else?

Only here in topics I saw best loot taken from completing, and it was like magik story.


Yup, nothing special for completing it except the bragging rights and challenge accomplished.
Most high level players will farm low levels (5-8, 7-4, 8-7) to meet their needs. Maybe not even finishing Season 1.

Maybe Season 2 will have rewards at the end.


Yeh yeh… and maybe pigs will fly… :laughing:


I’m hoping we get a little “recognition” reward for having already completed Season 1. Midnight roots of Hardwood lumber would be most welcome! Not asking for a whole bunch! :grin:


Here’s how I’d like to see it set up:

  • when you capture an outpost, you earn a standard Wanted chest with its random loot.
  • when you first defeat the final boss, you earn a Dark Elemental chest with its random loot.

Maybe something like this for Season 2?