I used to love you

When I was introduced to this game there was something about the competitive nature of it, that pulled me in hard work strategy and luck were the key ingredients for success… now i barely play at all if not for the money i have invested i would have deleted the app… Empires and puzzles has become nothing more than a casino and im sick of gambling with such low odds also the bait and switch of hero cards is becoming criminal… kalo is the straw that broke my back. No hero is invincible no hero can truly break the game the real beast and the real over powered overwhelming element ofthe game is the tiles either you have them or you dont…


In all fairness kalo is a bit ridiculous they shouldnt have released him in his current state.


Don’t suffer from the sunk cost fallacy! Walk on and don’t look back!


Lol mate the game is a joke and completely agree with what you sed its one of the main reasons for my retirement from the game its just stupid now.


You haven’t invested money; you spent it. Leave your alliance, uninstall the app and never look back. Enjoy RL and all the extra time and money you’ll have.


When you break up with your partner, you just move on.

No point thinking about the stuff you bought for your partner or the money spent on wining n dining etc etc.

It’s done. Consumed. Hopefully with happy memories.

Treasure those happy memories.
Pack your bags.
Move on.

Wishing you more rewarding discoveries when you are ready to move on from this game.

In the meantime, good luck for war! (Assumed that you are locked in for war, like me)


All things must come to an end. All of us will get there in time… hope you find something more fulfilling to fill the time!


Posts such as this one that complains about the incredibly teensy tiny odds and how because of that, they can never, ever, ever, have an iota of fun again rub me the wrong way because they always seem to miss the point,

This is a game. You play it to challenge yourself. You really are not supposed to have every hero. Neither are you expected to have gigantic piles of emblems and aethers to enjoy the content. They are there for sale, but buying everything in sight is probably not healthy, or part of the game’s challenge.

So instead of complaining, be constructive. I recommend starting the way I did, by being very realistic about the resources that could be devoted and then figuring out the best way to maximize the effectiveness of those resources. Instead of complaining about all those new heroes you will not have, remember that it is a game and try to figure out how your pile of stuff can be used to beat those new heroes. New challenges.

And if you cannot figure out a way to have fun with the resources you can devote, move on and look for something that will provide the entertainment that you are looking for. There is no ‘investment’.




There is no invincible hero


Maybe the word "Broken" is being laughed at by some. Especially those who have purchased all the red button counters.
But heroes have an effect on the tiles with their stats. Some of them have an effect on the tiles with their skills.

Only for mono players

Assembling teams, synergies… maybe the deepest strategy element in the game.
That element is drastically affected by money.

"Wow bro! You are geniu$. Your $trategy to use Grimble against minion teams is soooo $mart!"

Even moving tiles is affected by money, as you can move them for longer periods of time.

If you field rainbow teams then you always:

Depending on the amount you $pend you may not “have them” in the right order. But with enough money it’s not hard to have a $ynergy that will last until you do.

Mono addicts rely heavily on troop$. And with enough money, they too… can $urvive long enough to play the tile game. Personally, I find that game too easy and boring. It really is much more of a slot machine.

By allowing imbalance to run amuck.
The broken element is just small cracks that grow and grow and grow.

If the game is requiring continual balancing.
Then evidently… something is broken.

New rares are more powerful than old epics
New epics are more powerful than old legendary
New Legendary are now in 7* territory

Whereas once upon a time
They took baby steps
The path to get here
Was rushed!

And you all scratch your heads in bewilderment



Such an awesome meme! Well done!

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what is the purpose of the game? what is the goal? Is there any reason to continue playing after it stops being entertaining?

I’m already bored, I’m waiting to reach level 100 and I’ll leave it, that will be my goal. But the game should have ended in the 1st season, maybe in the second.

What other reason could there be? Unless you want to support the Finnish economy, there is no purpose for this game aside from entertainment.


Lol you sound like me. What level are you at now ?

I left just prior to 100.

Quit Line. Then stopped farming. Loved the extra time just from that. Then left the alliance and uninstalled.

Finnish economy is out of the pic.
SG was acquired by Zynga (US)
Now, Zynga is being acquired by Take-Two (again US)

So, we all are contributors to global economy (revolving). :joy::joy::joy:


Don’t take this the wrong way man I enjoy some of your post but,

Why are you still here lmao you already got out!

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81 Almost 3 years, I don’t remember anymore. Most of the friendships I made are already dissipating in the game. Luckily the contact continues, but the game is already tiring because you see the end getting further and further away, if it exists.

I’m already satisfied when I managed to get to the top 10 a long time ago, but now it’s impossible with those teams.

Ah it’s a long while more to get to 100 unless you farm high stages @ hard like mad during AR, VF and soon Tremors.

Enjoy as much as you can while you climb to 100.

I am heading for a break after this pov. Go casual for awhile. It will do me good.

I am already much chirpier after taking a break from RT for 2 weeks. Lol