I used Mad Hatter's Special Skill against Khiona on a Raid

It doesn’t work on her ‘Berserk’ state.
It doesn’t seem to copy the stackable ATK buff from the Raid either.

I don’t know if it’s a bug, but if you finished her with the special (seems so) it wouldn’t work anyway, the game doesn’t apply buffs if the match is already over.


Did something similar right now.

Turns out, I can’t steal the enemy’s stackable buff.

Yes it was like this even on the event.
I use Elena against him, and he can’t steal her riposte if it was on the last turn (icon still showing though)

Don’t know if it was intended.

I’ve moved this to #bugs-issues. THis last observation is particularly troubling—Clearing riposte is essential, even if it’s about to expire.


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The (stackable) attack bonus given as a war boost is undispellable (tap on any hero with this bonus to see the description), so it can’t be stolen by Hatter.

(all pictures above are obviously from alliance war battles)

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