I updated but it didn't work


I updated but it did not work. I have android. I already tried restarting game, rebooted phone. The update is no longer available for me in play store.
I’m still running on version 1.8.1

What happened?


I replied to your post in another thread regarding this issue. I hadn’t seen this post yet saying that you’d checked your version already. You’ll need to resolve this through Small Giant’s support team. Please use this link, and provide any information you can regarding your device and operating system.

Do note though that there was a recent update that was just for bug fixes that not everyone noticed. It was another 1.8 version with minor bug fixes. There’s a small chance that this is the one that you can’t see in your updates history/or available to download. I only received the 1.9 update a few hours ago, and I’ve heard others haven’t seen it in their store yet. If Elaina was wearing a Santa hat in the picture for the update, then it was the update for 1.9 that’s mysteriously disappeared.

Here is the link for Small Giant support: https://smallgiant.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new