I truly would like opinons – do you stop getting ascension items at Level 60?

So I’ve been playing since Oct 2017 and have a question. When you get to my level of 60 does everyone else stop getting accention items as well? I only ask cause the drop rate of them has gone way down. I use to get them in reg chest from monsters and raids. Now I don’t even get them in colored chest. I never wait on chest I use my daily gems to continue restarting them in hopes to get something but nothing ever drops. There’s absolutely no point in the VIP anymore except for the 1 emblem and 3 loot tickets. Even then it’s not worth it. On the very rarest of occasions I will get accention item from a Titan but that 1 maybe every 4 months. I’ve hit a wall. I can no longer lvl my 5s and my food/iron always remain full. I get nothing from chest and it feels this isn’t fun anymore. The old saying of the true meaning of insanity is doing the samething getting the same results comes into play here. The fun of the game is not here anymore and believe I’m about to hang it up. A game I once loved so much has all but died for a reason I don’t get??

Hi @Slayer1979

Sorry to hear of your travails, you’ve clearly dedicated huge effort to the game.

I highly doubt that there is a throttling effect based on level.

I assume you’re doing all the rare quests, scoring big on high level titans and completing legendary tier events?

Many people suggest recording your material drops when you feel in a slump as it’s easy to forget and difficult to compare otherwise.

I hope a few more drop for you soon, but if you move on, all the very best in your next endeavour :slightly_smiling_face:


No I’m level 60 as well and had roughly 20 to 25 unfarmable mats in the month of february, maybe more counting challenge events and rare quests

16 of those were from titans

4 of those 16 were 4* mats

It’s RNG.

It can be a drought, drizzle, steady rain, or a flood…just never know


And there’s always the chance with the Alchemy Building or University that maybe we can increase the chances of maxing r heros because we could possibly manufacture those rare ascension items. I’m torn here because I believe in exactly what @Rigs said. It rains and pours and then BAM! out of no where ur in a drought. I guess it is what it is. But man alive when ur competing in every highrst level event and doing smaller events events and every daily quest it can b frustrating. I just led my alliance 2 Titians in row with over 190K and 210K plus and my chests blew. But hey. Thats life. Sometimes u get the bear… and sometimes apparently unrealized it wasn’t
a bear to begin with but instead some Finnish game developers and low and behold they’ve got u!!!

That was obviously in jest too. Please don’t anyone call me a complainer now. It’s been a good day. Duke lost and if Carolina can’t win it watching the sissy private school elites from down the road go out is almost as good!

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I will count every single unfarmable item I get and repost considering today is April 1st and repost at the end of the month. Just wanna show what items I get and it’s been this way forever. But it will be fun to show how bad it has gotten.

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Player level has no impact on mat drop rates, at least not for me and I’m 63. March was unusually good for me, 47 non-farmables including 8 of the 4-star asc mats. I also accelerate my raid chests to open 3 diamond chests per day typically. Best thing you can do is to get into an alliance that kills a lot of 11- and 12-star titans. Here’s the long term yields I’ve been averaging for non-farmable mats:

Mystic Vision: 1 in 40 to 1 in 50
Monster chest: 1 in 30
Diamond raid chest: 1 in 9, recently slipped from 1 in 8.
Titan chest: 1 in 3
Elemental chest: 1.2 in 1. This has been fluctuating a lot since I get so few of them. About 1 elemental per 38 monster/raid/titan chest spawns.
Titan loot: Averages 2 mats out of every 3 titans. I’m typically loot tier 12 or better.

I’m at 59 and haven’t noticed difference.

People actually track this. Bravo and thank you.

I went 2 months needing purple magic orbs (Nov and dec) and had 7 4 and 5* heroes sitting at 3 60. I was frustrated.

Now, I have 8 purple magic orbs begging for a hero to use them on. So in 3 months, I acquired 36 purple magic orbs.

Feast or famine, my friend. Feast or famine.

Now, I have 6 green heroes begging for sturdy shields.

I’m glad everyone has responded and happy to see that y’all are continuing to get items. I’ve probably got 2 4* accention items in 2 months and that is not a lie. Like I said I will keep a note of what I get this month and revisit it the 1st of May. As of right now I’m 0/0.

When you keep track, make sure you note every titan, war, chest and quest, as well.

If you are aren’t getting any of the guaranteed ascension items from the quests, then you certainly have an issue.

You mean, randomly from loot, yes? You’re not counting the guaranteed items in Rare Quests?

Honestly u don’t. It’s just the amount to ascend from there on gets higher in quantity. I’ll admit some seem more rare than others but it’s all about just plugging along and eventually I find em. It just seems frustrating cause ur excited to ascend and u know u only need 1 or 2 items. I guess some could b maybe a little easier to find. Damascus blade, orbs and telescopes. I’ve always thought clearing a level in game play would b a great place to have a special chest that soles out some titan and war only items. Just a thought