I tried, friends

I enjoy your posts (we don’t have to agree for someone to enjoy posts) and enjoy your presence on the forum. Sorry if you’ve misconstrued anything I’ve said to make you feel otherwise. Thanks for offer I appreciate your availability.


Wth…you gotta be :poop: in me

What did i miss???

@Mothra ???


Oh man you were one of my forum friends. And I don’t have many. Seriously hope you get through it. Sometimes you gotta be Andy Dufresne and crawl through a mile of s@&$. Do what you feel is best and be safe


I know that I don’t know you [personally], but I can relate to those sort of feelings, as well. So even though I can’t say anything to make it seem any better, I just want you to know that you’re not alone. Although this forum can have it’s flaws, and it can seem like there’s negativity in a lot of places, there are some amazing people here too - some of the very best - that make up for a lot of that. So I don’t doubt that if you were to reach out, someone would answer (including even myself - and I’m a total loner-introverted recluse, so this is totally out of character for me lol, but I get it, and can relate to that feeling, so I would definitely answer)

Regardless, I just hope you know that you’ve got people here to turn to, and that clearly care. So if nothing else, we’re [all] here if you need anything :purple_heart::blue_heart:


Don’t let Godzilla get the best of you. That big ol’ lizard ain’t got nothing on you! :slight_smile:


Sending you good thoughts… I will miss you
Come back when you are ready… it is tough times for lots of people


Hoping for an update.


@Mothra I will sincerely miss you. I do hope things work out for you and that this is only a temporary loss. Yes, sometimes the forums can be pretty toxic. But don’t take it to heart. There are plenty of people here who appreciate you (and you too @TGW) and I am one of them. I’m sure there are plenty here who think I’m a PITA too.

Be strong, be safe, and know that I will be thinking of you.


No worries! I appreciate opposing opinions as well. I just know that I’ve upset more than a few people here, and want them to know that it wasn’t intentionally. It’s okay if some people think I’m an annoying idiot, I’m used to that. But I’m not a heartless jerk.

@Mothra is a valued poster here, and I want him to know that. It’s frustrating me that he hasn’t come back to respond in spite of me tagging him over and over again @Mothra @Mothra @Mothra

I really was just about to log off the forum for the day before I saw this post, only sticking around because I want to talk to him. Wouldn’t be right to just let him leave thinking that nobody cares. I’ve been down that road before and it’s a ■■■■■■ road. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Anyway. @Mothra I’m logging off for now. But if you check back here later and want to talk? You know where to find me. Doesn’t have to be about forum or game stuff, I’ve dealt with much bigger real life problems.


Take care!!! Wish all the best!!
Not post a lot, because my knowledge about this game is *****
But sometimes Im enjoy reading all post and appreciate all who continue to help other and make this forum be a good place to keep me come back to read it again and again!


Always enjoy yours as well!!! U never know, who will miss you. We are like your avatar, invisible but always there to reed and enjoy your post


@Mothra seem u will get a lot of notification when u online!!!
All love sent to u! With best hope for ur RL and forum will be balance and harmonic !!


I’m pretty shocked to be honest

I always thought mothra was well liked and actually one of the people that i look forward to hearing from. As soon as i see “mothra replied” in my notifications, i click it asap…

Crazy. Damn duck on a pond effect i guess


Hey @Mothra, don’t know you but had a few interactions with you over my time here at the forum and your opinion and insights have always been appreciated. Hopefully things get better and judging by all the replies above mine it looks like you have members/friends that care and that appreciate your presence as well :+1:


Stop doing this. It’s not a contest. I can like you BOTH. hugs

@Mothra: I’m sorry you are going through a rough patch. I don’t say goodbye, I say, “till I see you again.”



@mothra I will miss your posts a lot. Take a little break here, but I hope you come back soon.


@Mothra, I’m happy to talk to you in email, text, or voice. Respond here and I’ll find a way to get you contact info, or hit me up in Line. ID mpaynew, screen name SA Raptor

I’m not a professional, but I have enjoyed reading your responses and interacting with you here on the forum. Take care of yourself, talk to a professional, reach out to a friend, take a break, do what you need to do to take care of yourself.


@Mothra we, of course, want all our Community members - Forum and elsewhere, to remember to take care of themselves and their families. E&P and posting here should be a source of fun and maybe a bit of escape, especially during these very uncertain times. Please take all the time you need and we hope to see back soon. I also hope you will reach out to me, Staff, or the Mods if we can help in any way possible.


I couldn’t agree more! Please don’t go!


This is so sad and worrisome. Why are the voices of reason leaving? Why do kind people get drowned out? I hate this, and if you can’t make it back Mothra, you’ll be missed.