I tried, friends

But I failed. I appreciate the many of you, who have tried to reach me and help me to feel included. Unfortunately, the forums have taken a very bad turn for me with real life problems compounding bigger issues. I’m going to go ahead and leave now. Thank you, dear friends.



Seriously dude. I’m online. There’s a private thread open.

I’ve got time to talk.

… and do you think I feel included here? Half the time I post here, I know a hundred other regular users are cringing and rolling their eyes. I only pretend to belong here. Because that’s what I do. I’m the guy that no one invited but keeps showing up anyway until they finally give up on trying to get me to leave.


Sad to see you go, but i understand it too. Hope life calms down for you so you can relax more.


So sad to see great people go… I didn’t know you for a long time but I got the chance to read a good amount of your posts, your time and contribution to the forum is much appreciated. Wish you all the best! :hugs:


I will certainly miss your reasoned posts. They are very much appreciated by me and many others.
I have always thought of you to be a valued and important member of the forum family.
By all means have a bit of a rest, it’s true that the forum has changed direction recently, and it’s not for the best. I sometimes think I should give all this a miss too …
But players like you with a balanced outlook, with good advice and the desire to help and support others are very much needed and play an important role here.
I wish you well, but most of all, I hope to see you in here again soon. Take good care of yourself


Haven’t been here for long at all, but as an associate social worker, this pings red flags for me.

Please, please take care of yourself, and call your local suicide hotline if you need to. There are people in the world who will listen to you, and care for you, if you give an opening.

Take care of yourself, and come back when things are better, even if it’s just to say ‘Hi, I’m better, and going to stay away to keep it better.’


Was a pleasure.
Take care dude.


Erm @TGW you will never see me cringing or rolling my eyes at your posts.
You always say it as it is … and for me that’s all good. So you stay put lol


From my point of view, I always considered you as being “part of the inner circle”, someone you are happy about when he likes your comment :slight_smile:

Of course, I have no clue about your problems in real life. All I can say is, I wish you all the best to get them fixed. If you feel depressed or anything, I hope brighter days are waiting for you in future… and you’re not alone. Tbh, being active here in the forum is also sometimes a distraction for me not to think of things that are a burden to me from time to time.

Again, all the best for you! And I, as well as many others here I’m sure, will always be happy to see you around here again. :green_heart:

Edit: Just saw your tags, which confirmed the way I read your post, but wasn’t too sure before. Seriously, consider TGWs offer or CyInthias advise, find someone you can talk to… either in your personal life or online. Sometimes it might be even easier to open your heart to someone you don’t know in person, who is not connected to your social network. I am a complete stranger to you, but I’d also offer to just listen to you if you feel like… just let me know. Take care!


Thank you for that :grin:
But that is the reality, not everyone appreciates me around here, and that’s okay.

My point was to @Mothra
That he is more welcome here than I am. I don’t know why he would think otherwise.

I’m sticking around out of stubbornness, even if some people aren’t exactly fond of me.

Truth be told? I didn’t even think @Mothra liked me. But I like him. And I realized that he feels the same way I do sometimes. And I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the forum likes @Mothra more than they like @TGW . And that’s okay.

DON’T ARGUE WITH ME, DAMMIT. Y’all can stop pretending to like me, because this isn’t about me. @Mothra is a good guy and he belongs here. Don’t worry about me, I’ll probably still come around and bug you guys regardless of whether you want me here or not. :laughing: Just everybody show some love to @Mothra please, let him know that he is always welcome here.

And he’s always welcome to talk to me in the other private thread as well, if he so chooses


@Mothra if I or any of the moderators or Small Giant Staff can do anything, please PM us by flagging your own post with the “Something Else” option, or reply to one of the earlier PMs we had with you.

I hope you’re taking care of yourself, and have support. And I respect you taking a temporary or permanent break from the Forum if that’s what you need.

Given the tags you used on this post, I also want to remind all Forum members of these threads:


Honestly, there are threads around here I try to never visit, because when I do I end up getting flagged or starting a fight. Or both. Not worth it. Some people don’t want a real discussion, just wanna spew poison… eff 'em. Hang out where you enjoy it and ignore the rest.

Listen to the fans, not the critics :wink:


Hate to see you go if you must. There is a lot of negativity around here sometimes, but the positives still outweigh it for the most part. I appreciate your contributions to this forum and your willingness to try and help folks as best you can. Its unfortunate what some of the conversations degenerate into, no matter what anyone tries to do. Best wishes. If you need to talk, there are plenty of good folks around here that be happy to help. Best wishes whatever you decide.



Available via Line for any private communication. Line ID: cja099
I was just sharing with someone that I’m going through a dark time right now as well and I’ve been quieter on the forums due to the same thing.

I hope you get rest from the forum if that’s what you feel is best for your mental health and sanity in the current global climate. But if you need an ear to just listen there are quite a few forum goers who are willing.

I also would encourage professional help if it is feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and it feels like you can’t get it off no matter what you do.

I do therapy and counseling intermittently because I need that for my personal mental health. So from one person to another I want to encourage any conversations you want to have with those resources that it will be beneficial and they are present for you. Do not feel you’re eating up the time or resources from someone who needs help more than you, that’s a lie our minds some times tells ourselves to keep from getting the help we need.


Edit: Liking posts not because I approve or enjoy the content but rather to show support for your need.


What did I miss? :frowning_face:.
I’ve come to think of you @Mothra as a forum buddy. Typically in the AtoZ or counting threads, it’s always fun, beating the mods. But I’m lost for words at your post :cry:.

These are strange times, and im hoping some semblance of normality kicks in soon. In whatever endeavour you pursue i wish you tons of success. :hugs:.

@TGW - Never! There’s only 109 regulars :wink:


One of my favourite forum buddies. Please take care, take a break and reach out when you’re ready.


Yep, they’ve tried to do that to me too. Little bullies.


I know you’re probably not exactly a big fan of mine, but I’ve been through a lot of dark times myself, and I’m always willing to chat with anyone who just wants to get stuff off their chest.

I don’t have Line, but the mods here are awesome, they have the ability to open up private channels.

A thousand apologies @Guvnor @JonahTheBard @zephyr1 @Rook @littleKAF etc.
but I happen to believe that real life issues take precedence over anything in-game. My intention is not to break any forum rules here.

And also full disclosure: I’m not a licensed therapist / counselor / psychiatrist / etc. (though I’ve seriously considered going into one of those fields because of my own experiences). Typically I’m on the client side of those situations. Just that I’ve been there, done that, several times, came out alive on the other side. If there’s anything I can say that can possibly help anyone, I’m more than happy to.

And no, that’s not a troll offer. Not asking for or expecting anything at all in return, and contrary to popular opinion, I actually am a generally nice guy. Why would I want to try to help total strangers who are going through depression? Um… maybe because I’ve gone through it myself? And part of the reason I’m still here annoying you all today is because other strangers reached out to me during my dark times, and maybe I want to pay that forward.


Shame! Your cool!
■■■■ the haters hopefully see you back here one day :beer::+1:


Yeah, and I’m technically not one of them.

By regulars, I meant people who regularly lurk and occasionally post. There’s a lot more than 109 of them. :wink: