I thought Russians players were suspended?

I quote Small giant:

“We have taken a number of technical measures to suspend access for all players in Russia and Belarus as of 2022-03-21, 09:30 UTC. We advise against using unofficial means to circumvent the restrictions, and will not be able to provide player support for accounts that have done so.”

There are still a lot of active Russian players…
They even have russian flags…
And there is even no Ukraine flag :ukraine: in the shop…

What does it mean, S G ? :hushed:

A couple of possibilities.
(1) Russians outside of Russia and Belarus
(2) VPNs – how a lot of Russians are getting around internal internet blocks as well as external ones

Indeed, there still a lot of russians with russian flags :worried:

Maybe SGG can just delete all accounts and alliances that have Russian flags or Russian letters? :slight_smile:

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I really don’t get this need to damn all players for the actions of their government. Some of them just want their escape too.

Or maybe we should just shut it all down. No nation and thus no people has unsullied hands for the history of world affairs.


It never affected them that much to be honest. Russian youtubers never stopped to upload pulls videos and gameplay. They are even making in-game purchases. Probaly using VPN.

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I’m not sure it’s fair to restrict people for something they never had a voice or hand in doing.


Wow! So much wrong with this it’s unreal. The ignorance is almost unfathomable… Okay… Your opening statement and title would suggest all people who speak russian live in Russia… You know they don’t right? I mean, I don’t live in Russia and have never been to the country but I’ve met plenty of Russians and even more people who speak russian as a first language… Surprisingly, some of those people who speak russian are not themselves russian… Crazy I know!!
You also realise that citizens of a country rarely ever agree when their nation invades another nation? Well, except some nations who celebrate their invaders, but we’re not gonna talk about that :wink:

How about you chill and just get on with having fun in the game. Also, maybe ease up on the assumptions.

Happy Gaming :sunglasses:


For ghostcrazy:
Russland is not a race .
And calling n.zi people you don’ t know is infamous …

Shame shame .what will you make them pay

Ghostcrazy: you call people n*zi, it’ s really infamous.
There is no other word … :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I agree with Gerval…

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