I thought Alliance Wars were based on score?

We have 8 members, score of 17k, and are against an alliance with 30 people and about twice that score. I took a screenshot…not sure what other criteria we could be matched on…!

What are your titan scores? Devs may have made a change there.


It’s changed to titan score now

Imagine that, using titan score?! I would of never thought that would work. :scream:
On a side note we are matched against a alliance that could actually give us some opposition instead of what the last 5 weeks have been of complete annihilation of our opponents 6 hours in. Im estatic at the thought that we can actually lose this war. Alliance im in is Asgards and our opponet is the Germans. Thank you SG for finally giving us a worthy opponent. :facepunch:

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Dont get too excited, people are already complaining. I’m sure this fix is temporary. Then we’ll get another system for people to complain about😂


If use titan score, alliance that used merc are screwed?

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At least the last few wars people waited until the war was in full swing before bitching…now as soon as they are announced, straight to the forums to complain…at that rated people should start complaining about Wednesday’s war match ups on Monday afternoon…smmfh…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Depending on how much they use them, if they use mercs on a regular basis it might be a rough ride but they would still stand a chance in AW no problem.

Bet that wars will be alot closer this week then they have been for some alliances. I know were probably in for a good scrap and it couldn’t please me more win or lose. :grinning:


Same here @Cthulhu, we may well get our first loss too. But we ain’t going down without a good fight. :wink:

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It does look like SG has changed to using Titan score only. Good change.


I think this is probably the best metric the can use. OP you should be able to stomp that other alliance if it takes 30 members to do what 8 of you do. I doubt they kill of 2 teams

Well we moved to 6-0, we were bout 600ish points ahead in the end, but they did make the mistake of wasting 4 attacks on one of our members all healing team for a total of 1 point. :joy: We also had 3 members who did not attack and they had one so im guessing it was not as close as i wished it would of been. Ohh well, guess im not gonna complain at a win, just wish we would get a better matchup which maybe dont even exist at the moment with the alliance score we have.

We ended up winning by about 1400 points, which surprised me. First half was tight, but they obviously didn’t have our bench depth.

And that is a challenge of using Titan score only. You can do a lot of Titan damage with ten heroes. The tough part is filling out the remaining 20 slots…


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