I think Victor must be changed

As for an Char, he is not a strong Hero, not a strong shooter, his skill about draining 60% of healing amount- is not so necessary. But, if he will add every time during that turn that enemy bleeding increased bleeding, every time, not just 3 shots, every time, it must to increase by 300 damage per shot, 825+300+300+300. At titan it will be helpful. Because in game in raids it’s impossible to make, in war- same impossible. So maybe let him be helpful against Titans? More helpful. Because with time limit how many times he can attack?)

His tile attack is huge and he has a very fast def boost. He is already very strong for titans


While Victor is not in my everyday lineup, I do find him very useful in wars. I’ve won many war battles when taking him against a tough corner healer like Viv or Kitchen on healing rounds. He drains off any healing applied, including the healing boost. This keeps him alive while reducing the healing effect on the corner healer. His very fast speed let’s me keep the drain going so I can kill the healer with other heroes.

Victor is a niche hero. What he does, he does well. I wouldn’t use him everyday but wish I had more than 1 copy.

Victor is a good hero. it’s a Diesel. mana lv.11 / 6 tiles. BOOM. protect all teammates

Put sargasso on that war team too! Could be interesting! Two heros I’d like

Sargasso has evaded me so far, but I wouldn’t mind him showing up in my pulls one day :grin:

Any hero that steals mana/health or decreases the affect of healing is amazing for healing wars. I have a few of them but hang on to every one I find. They make healing wars so much better!

With the addition of the new Halloween 5 :star: s, it’s clear Victor needs a buff. He seems so out of place when you look at the stats and specials of the two new ones. This could easily be fixed by increasing his base stats so they’re more in line with the two new 5 :star: s and making his special apply to the target and nearby enemies. Another idea would be to have him summon a bat minion for each ally that steals a bit of health from any enemy it hits.

P.S. If you like the current version of Victor, good for you. It’s probably not likely they’d implement the changes mentioned above anyway, so relax, you’ll be able to continue using him as he is, but if you think he could use a tweak or two, I’d really like to hear some of your ideas about how he could be made better. There are a lot of creative people on here, and I always enjoy hearing your insights. :slightly_smiling_face:

He already got a buff not long ago with the other Valhalla heroes. I think he works fine just as it is.

This was dust in the eyes, he need to hit 3 and apply bleeding to one.

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Here’s a new thread I posted that I hope could fix stat issues across the board, Victor included:

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Yeah, the vampire king should be a lot cooler. Compare his Anchor grades to those of Francine and Vanda. It’s embarrassing.

At first, I was sorta inspired by heroes like Bera and Freya and thought it would be cool to do a similar minion thing, but honestly, just a slight increase in his defense and changing him to a hit-3 hero would be OK, too. I kinda think, though, there’s no way they’d even make a small change like that without putting it behind a paywall, like the costume chamber.

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Don’t worry, he’ll get his buff through a costume. Unfortunately, this may be too far in the future since devs are giving costumes first to those stronger heroes of the bunch and since francine and vanda are stronger, they’ll be first to have costumes.


I have him up to the first emblem barrier (the one that costs 125). He definitely is squishy and lack luster, but he really is great for raids that have multiple healers or VF rushes where you need to stop healers. Outside of healing blocking I definitely find him “meh”. I think he is a niche hero that is B at best and would not complain if his bleeding got a buff at leasts. When I compare my GM’s burn to Victor’s bleed, the bleeding may as well be considered “just a flesh wound”.

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That GM comparison is a good one. The fact that a HotM is that much better than a seasonal hero, which is much, much rarer, seems so crazy post-Telluria where they’ve obviously made a conscious decision to make new HotM far more inferior to all the other non-season one heroes in the game.

He need just hit to 3 nothing more, he gives defense to all but her hit it’s to small if he apply and bleeding to 3 be will be OP because of her mechanism, and for this I suggest to hit to and the bleeding to apply to one.

Well also it would be sufficant to enhance his damage.
Right now he needs 3 shots to build a quite powerful bleeding dot.

If you made it only stackable 2 shots but keep the strenght would make him way better and not op at all.

With 3 shots needed, most of the time the target is more or less dead anyways and the major amount of the DoT is useless as the target dies.