I think something should be done about the possibilities of rising heroes

good night:
I think something should be done about the possibilities of rising heroes, to me in particular more than 1 month ago I do not get a single material of ascension, not to mention the rare climbing materials. On the other hand, I have 2 heroes of 5 * that I have achieved and I have been playing since January … I have taken 4 months to co follow 1, but the celocidad that come out the materials of ascension I will take more than 1 year to put it butt. I would like you to review this from the people in charge of the game, since it is not very logical that in a game you ask me a minimum of 1 year to be able to ascend to 1 hero. It is something that happens to many players and that takes away the desire to play.
Thank you very much

Are you completing the rare quests every time (Frostmarch, Shrikewood, Farholme Pass, Shiloh Desert, Mount Umber, and Morlovia)? If you complete those each time, they will yield enough guaranteed ascension items to max out one of each color 5* in a year.
Are you filling your raid, monster, and titan chests regularly? Even though the chance of a non farmable ascension item from a normal chest is very small, the more of them you fill, the more frequently you can get Rare wanted chests, which often do have non farmable ascension materials in them.
Are you watching your Mystic Vision every day? You can get them from there.
Are you fighting in Alliance Wars? You can rarely get them there, but it is possible. I got an orb last week.
What level titan are you fighting? The higher level titans give better loot, and the better your score on the titan, the better the loot.


I complain a lot on here about some things (all 3* 10x rolls, useless hero tokens, HoTM availability), but ascension materials do seem to build up over time (especially if you buy some of the special paid deals.)

As you get stronger more of the ways that @NPNKY listed above start popping up and applying to you. You complete more events, do better on Titans and elemental quests.

Some people say that the best use of gems is speeding up the chest wait time. This also increases ascension materials.


It took me 9 month just to get a 5* hero (without spending Money). AM is rare and should be. Otherwise the paying Players get their heroes maxed too quick.


That is not true, there is a possibility, but it is incredibly small. I have 2 accounts and I make 2 chests of monsters and 2 of heroes daily plus the mystical vision and I can assure you that more than 1 month ago I do not get any ascension material neither 3 * nor 4 * … and the titans I have stayed many times first and many times doing damage A + … well, in no account of the 2 accounts the titans give me anything of ascension materials more than 1 month ago. Besides this not only happens to me it is quite general in the 2 alliances that I am and in friends of other alliances. That is why I ask that the theme be rewarded since it is already difficult to promote a hero of 4 *, and almost impossible to promote a 5 *. It is not very logical to ask someone in a game to wait 6 months to have a hero of 5 * and a year to be able to promote it, people are not willing to wait that long and I think that for the benefit of the game that should be changed.
Thank you

Are you completing the rare quests? Those are guaranteed non-farmable ascension items.

How can I compete on Higner questão when my heróis are not still read? It is really dificulta to ascend the heróis…

How long have you been playing? It usually takes a few months to be able to reach those high up levels and quests.

You can complete the rare quests with a well constructed maxed 3* team, and that can be achieved using all farmable ascension materials


The rare missions is really the safest way to get climbing materials, the problem is that it leaves 1 mission every 1-2 weeks, each time an element plus the 4 * volume and the damask sword … that makes between 7 and 12 weeks to have a material of each … you need 6 which means that you need 1 year to get the materials. This is precisely what I ask to be reviewed and solved … if people could promote heroes faster, it would be better for everyone. More competition means more fun. In the economic aspect could be implemented some way of getting materials directly after payment or in exchange for gems. In the same way we would have to guarantee in some way heroes of 5 *, I have partners of alliances that have been in the game for a year and several months with field 20 training and they still do not have legendaries or they have achieved it recently, and above without complete ascension materials and discouraged. For the benefit of the game I would like to see this … Thank you

I am trying but do not get far. Thanks for answering, my question got “corrected” and was hard to understand.

Wow, I guess I need to be more patient.

Been playing for about 4 month…

Yeah if you’re F2P it takes a while. You should just now be starting to feel a little strength in your team.

If you have 3000 strength for your main attack team that would be good for where you are.

Hey there, yes you really need patience or Money $$$ :wink:

Empires and Patience

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