I think Rigard should be upgraded

I think Rigard should either:

  1. With the same attributes, upgraded to level 5. There could be a slight increment in attack, minor increment on defense but major increment in health.
  2. Maintain level 4 and have his mana speed upgraded to fast.

Just my 2 cents…

Already happened with the costume.
Even without Costume, but highly emblembed he is a sturdy beast with 5* stats


He’s called Kunchen :blush:


lol you are asking for the exact things that have been given with his costume! he charges at 9 tiles with a mana troop after costume bonus.

labeling him 5* would take away half of his use for me

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If Rigard were a 5* hero, he would be many times harder to get.

As 4* hero, he is already one of the best in this rarity level. Even without costume. He is the only 4* cleanser that can be trained.

There is no reason to buff Rigard and it would be terrible if he were made a 5* hero as there would be not one single TC13/20 4* cleanser left.


Right, the only 4* cleanser free to all gone, would be very bad to the game

My Rigard+Cost+19 has stats like 669 - 817 - 1428. Looking at Kun+9 above not that far behind



trust me, I think Rigard would make a perfect tank than Kuchen anytime if he is revised.

but i know what you mean though…

Tanks that don’t do any damage are generally not the best tanks. Kunchen makes up for it somewhat with his D down for the enemy. If Rigard is a tank, I just dump tiles into him, not caring whether he charges or not.

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I hope not! I see a lot of people asking the developers to ease on the scarcity of heroes and ascension items.

Some heroes take ages to upgrade and some materials are hard to come by. I truly hope they are keeping track of requests.

Though truth be told, with this covid-19, I see a lot of items available within a short time and that’s a great sign.

I know #SmallGiant has to make money too but the quicker the availability of heroes and ascension items, the more money they would be making. I just think they ought to give guys that don’t spend because they don’t have enough to spend on the game a chance to get some of these premium attributes with ease.

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Rigard would have to be a 5 star hero it would be much better to play with him at the legendary level

He already IS a 5* hero.

Maybe he meant RIGARD?

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Of course there’s nothing stopping you from using him at the legendary level anyway. I use him with my 5* all the time.

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Would make sense. In that case, I disagree. Last thing we need is a Rigard who is much harder to level. He’s good with 4*, I’m sure his feelings are not hurt.

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He is the only 4* cleanser that can be trained. If he were made a 5* hero, many F2P would have no cleanser for quite a long time (apart from maybe 3* cleansers like costumed Tyrum or Gill Ra).

Rigard is an awesome healer/cleaner and it’s good that he’s a vanilla 4* as people have good chances to get him from training camps sooner or later.

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His costume is amazing, and that kinda mutes any debate on a buff.
At average mana in costume, with, relatively speaking, cheap emblems he is a veritable monster.
Nothing about that dude needs to be buffed.

Well played sir, well played

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There’s a bit of a disconnect here. This was moved over from another thread.

I like Rigard fine as a 4*, I was saying there’s nothing wrong with using him with 5*'s as he is – a “pseudo” legendary hero.

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