I think my tc20 is broken

For the last 2 weeks, all my tc20 keeps giving me is brienne or berden and nothing else.
Is anyone else experiencing these problems or has the game decided that I need to eat more greens??

Nope its not…we all experience it. I had ONLY 3* comming out of mine for almost 2 months. I wanted to complain about it but realised that if everyone expects 5* from their tc’s on a daily basis it will change the balance scales too much.

I have had only one 5* coming out of my TC in 3months time. Some consider it badluck because they have had a better ratio and others havent even had a 5* for the same period.

I have many doubles too…enjoy brienne…ive probably had about 50 DAWA’s that came out of mine.

It will get better…keyword though is PATIENCE.


While I appreciate your response, Im not one of those players that expects to roll the best everytime.
However for a game that is meant to be random to just drop 3* green and nothing else is not random.

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Have 2 Tc20s

Fist one gave 6 x 3s, Second gave 1 x 4, then a 3* and then … Sartana!!! Keep going!

Don’t worry, my 4 camps produce mainly Priskas :slight_smile: