I think my path of Valor is bugged?

It’s the challenge event. I just started on here so I won’t have any screenshots. Thanks for your help!

Each section of the challenge event counts as 1 toward the 0/3. You had to finish all three sections in both event during POV to complete the challenge

So rare, epic and legendary in both Avalon and pirates.

If you did complete all 3 tiers of both events, and didn’t get credit for it, try scrolling back through your recent activity in game to see if you can find the rewards for completion. Since all 3 tiers include a 3* mat, they’ll be in there, if you can scroll back far enough. Screenshot them and include them with the support ticket

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If you completed Avolon, rare epic legendary and pirates rare epic legendary you should be fine.
You could miss one I believe? So 5 out the 6

No, if you miss 1 tier if one challenge event, the furthest you can go is level 48 on PoV.

I hope they revisit that for the next one


there 6 different levels in the challenge you needed to complete 5 of them correct? So with pirates and avolon you needed to complete one totally and the other just two? Was what I getting at :+1:

Complete a Challenge Event 1 required 1 tier
Complete a Challenge Event 2 required 2 additional tiers
Complete a Challenge Event 3 requires 3 additional tiers.

Rare levels 1-15 is 1 tier. Epic 1-15 is 1, and so is Legendary 1-15.

If you completed all 3 tiers of Avalon, that would finish Complete a Challenge Event 1 and 2. All 3 tiers of Pirates will then finish Complete a Challenge Event 3. Since that one is worth 3150 points, missing it will leave you at least 1150 points short of finishing PoV (more if you missed any daily challenges)

Those were the only two Challenge Events during PoV

Ah ok cool so needed to clear both didn’t know that, did both anyways oh well thanks for clearing that up!

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Thank you so much, I’m going to need time to go through it. I didn’t even realize this was a feature. I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks again!

It only goes back 5 days. The game doesn’t glitch on me ever so maybe I didn’t earn it, or thought I should have.
Thanks again for the help.

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Do you remember whether you completed all 15 levels of all 3 tiers of both Pirates and Avalon?

I did 5 of the 6, all pirates and 2 Avalon

Then it looks like you are missing one.

Unfortunately even if you got credit it wouldn’t help

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Thanks again for all your help and prompt response!

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Have the same issue, I completed all 3 stages of the last quest but it only recorded 2, surely you can just go back in our account history to verify I completed the rare epic and legendary questsimage|281x500

Hiya @Clary & @Sir_Anfield

In order to get the FINAL Completion (i.e. complete tier III) of the “Complete Challenge Evnets” Valor Challenge you must complete all three difficulty tiers at BOTH of the Monthly Events (in this instance Knights of Avalon & Pirates of Corellia).

If you are CERTAIN that you completed all three difficulties at BOTH events (Rare, Epic AND Legendary) I echo what @NPNKY said, and you should #contact-support (details below).

Unfortunately we (the members of the forum) are all volunteers & just players like yourselves so we cannot “look through the logs”. The only people that can do that are SGG Support.

To contact SGG Support & create a ticket follow the instructions here:

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Will say I had to use 75 gems to complete final Legendary stage but I didn’t think that would matter.

Ok thanks, happy gaming

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