I think Kashrek should be cancelled


Today, i drew him and got really excited to get another 4* (and desperately in need of a better healer), but i am immensely disappointed because he only heals nearby allies.Then, who is gonna heal my remaining 2 allies? I don’t think that he fits anywhere tbh. I maybe will feed him to Grimm.

I am fairly new to this game (been playing for about 3 weeks). As an f2p player, it’s hard to get heroes higher than 3*, and when i got one i hope he is playable at least, i always keep my expectation low so i wouldn’t get too disappointed at the end. I’m feeling like this because i don’t have a good roster of 3* yet that i can choose from and i also didn’t have 3* healer yet.

Okay, enough rant. Obviously i didn’t mean anything i said above, the devs can do what they want as it is their game, and I should spend to get better heroes, but yeah…


First, don’t toss any 4* or 5* hero, except (mostly) duplicates—not, at least, until you have a lot more experience and knowledge. You can’t predict how your team will,evolve or how the devs might adjust a hero.

Second, many people like two healers on their squad, and Kasshrek isn’t a bad choice as a second. He’s annoying as all get out to take down, sitting in center position, and with Sabina or Rigard in a corner slot, it’d be a tough squad.

That said, he’s not at the top of my favorite 4* greens. In fact, he’s at the bottom. He was more interesting before they changed his special, which used to shield against ice. Made him an interesting partner to shield a red hero against an ice boss.


Thanks for your tips Kerridoc, now i’m seeing him in a new light (although i’m not actually gonna feed him to anyone, i’m just speaking out of rage). However, i’m still bitter because i got him from my hard earned epic token and he can’t help with my progression. Then, Training Camp 13 it is.

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Kashek is one of the most annoying tanks

Hard as hell to take down


And for what it’s worth with the strongest heal in the game, if you can keep your core alive you can still win raids or maps, or even score decently on titans.

Ares + non-healing flank when things go sideways win all sorts of random fights for example… the goal isn’t to have all 5 heroes still alive at the end of a raid it’s just about winning.

Kashrek isn’t awesome but if you have limited heroes he’s not a bad option at all… perhaps not end-game, but furthering progression over the various 3*'s?



Thanks everyone for the tips. Now, I can think couple of places to slip him in.

Actually, I think I’m doing things backward, 4* first before even completing 3* roster. so far, i’ve got 3 4* and only 6 3*. That’s why i think my progression have been weird and all over the place.( and i need a decent healer for goodness sake)

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for people with a mix of 3 and 4s or without a huge stable of attacking 4s, kasshrek is tough to bring down. he’s a fine early- mod tank. i wouldn’t spend sturdy shields and take him to 70 but he’s beefier than other greens and protects vs red hitters.

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So I heed everyone advice and brought him (unlevel) to raid and i might say he perform rather good. Well,surprised.:laughing:

And because of that, I quite like him and he can claim his position in raid permanently for awhile. Also, it’s quite fun to play with two same color heroes ( I can’t demote Berdenn because he is too strong right now,and my other yellow hero is not ready yet). So, I think I will be raiding with this arrangement for awhile. And…yep, where is my Bane? Bane was accidentally sacrificed in my early days of massive confusion figuring this game out.


Ha. That makes two of us.


Totally agree.

I was disappointed to get Kashrek for my 4* green healer, but he as worked out pretty well. I just ascended him to tier 3 (second ascension) when I pulled my wife’s 2nd favorite healer, Melendor 4* green with enemy buff removal. Even though I don’t have enough sturdy shield ascension items to ascend both, a tier 3 Kashrek will stay on my team until I can level Melendor enough to replace him.


By this, do you mean you are using him in maps/quest too? How did he pefrorm there? My ideal team consist of 4 sniper/attacker plus healer, that’s why I am a bit wary to use him in my team. I don’t really fancy av and I don’t have really good buffer/debuffer/dispeller.

Out of all green heroes, i’m afraid but Kashrek would be my last choice. Will be very good if he heal all the team, but 3 is not enough for events, maps or quests.
You can use him for your defensive raids, but even there you can’t hope to reach many cups with him.

So use it and level him until lv 60, but dont waste shields and wait for something better.

Yes to this.

Why they feel the need to make him heals only 3 is beyond me . Why can’t they just make him like any other normal healer in the game? If they want to make him the strongest healer but don’t want to make him seem too overpowered, just delete his second special and make him slow. Like Lianna or something like that. i know Lianna is actually an uprade of Balthasar, her skill practically inheritance but you know.

I am totally not going to waste shields on him, as I am going to do my very best to acquire my midsummer dream green. Yeah, I’m dreaming too high, laugh all you want…:grin:

Friar tuck also only heals 3 so kashrek is not unique in this


If that so, this thread is basically pointless. I didn’t know about that beforehand, so shame on me.
I only know about Kashrek because I own him. i can’t remember every hero stats /it doesn’t stuck in my head yet for heroes that i didn’t have especially with none remarkable stats. I think I should do research first before posting.:blush::laughing:

Ares is only 3 as well…and he’s highly regarded.


Every player is entitled to their own opinion; the OP may not know about Friar Tuck yet. Here is the fully leveled Kashrek:


But Ares can self heals when hit by tiles that makes him annoying as hel if he tanks. like you try your best to hit flanks not to trigger him but can’t help it when combos happen which will hit him eventually. Unless you can trigger your 4 shooter or Wu or whatever superior power enough to take him down first. It also do not help that we can’t throw arrows/axes/bombs because that what I’d do in quest boss.

Someone once said all cards are on a Line. One card is the best, one the worst and all the rest are in between.

I’m not sure I could categorize Kashrek as the worst, but there are cards I like better.

Eliminating cards doesn’t change that line: different cards take their place. :wink:


Sorry Rook to cause misunderstanding. Obviously I didn’t mean to actually cancel him, I’m just speaking hyperbolically because I was mad/disappointed at the moment.

Fun facts I drew another epic token and got Ganju which I already have but i don’t feel as bad because meh…

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