I think I will raise my Horgall

… because I am F2P and I have found his costume.

I’ve heard a lot about how Horgall is weak and useless, and when I found him at last costume chamber summons I was very disappointed about that! Very low summon odds if you think at, he wasn’t even featured and I would have loved the Azlar costume (I have the classic version maxed with no emblems) so my feelings wasn’t that high with him. I was looking for an easier odd Renfled or Melendor but with no luck.

But today I was looking at him, at his high attack debuff (-54% for 6 turns) and even if slow mana, he’s more resistant than the red lion who I’m using a lot in attack raids and which I reach to fire almost every time (diamond league 2400-2500 cups).
So, why not try to use him? Tonics are the materials that I found the most (12 in my inventory plus 6 already used for Telluria) and I have already got maxed two good snipers (Joon and Seshat) a good tank (Telluria) and an AoE (Alzar) plus a Poseidon and a Clarissa to work at soon (and before Horgall)
Other green heroes I have are Kadilen and Elkanen.

I will use it in attack (like the lion) maybe paired with a defense buffer like Kiril. I think that togheter they can save my team in the last turns of the fight, and let Joon and Seshat fire one more time.

Do you think I’m completely wrong? Impressions from someone who have it and use it?


Hmm. Interesting, as a F2P myself, Horghall is the only 5 star costume I ever got. But, just like you I also have a maxed Telluria. Imho, I would say you would benefit more if you max Elkanen and Kadilen.

Personally, I feel that Horghall suits most in the role of tank. He doesn’t have a particularly high tile damage, so he is rather underwhelming for titans and in offense. And since you already have Telluria, I feel that he won’t add much depth to your green stack.


Also an F2P. considering your roster already, I agree with ThePirateKing above: Kadilen would add more to your roster on Raids.

I don’t have Horghall, but my thoughts are:

  1. He’s a good tank (some of my toughest revenge raids have been against Horghall tanks because he just has so much health!). but then you’re not looking to use him on defense (and even if you did, I agree Telluria’s already a good tank…)

  2. His attack debuff is useful on the world map (where his slow mana speed also isn’t so much of an issue)… but with ascension materials being so rare as they are, Kadilen could be better for her speed. And if you need an attack debuffer, Skittleskull as a fellow Green is more easily available and cheaper to max


Another f2p oppinion here. I have three Horghalls so far, but none past 2/60 even if I have 12 available tonics… also have Elkanen and Kadilen maxed and emblemed and even if they’re not amazing, they do their part. They are both holding emblems for some better class hero or might keep them if I get lucky and pull their costumes. But ascending Horghall is not on my priority list. Tonics are hard to come by. If I’ll have 18 of them with no better green 5* to ascend, then I’ll do Horghall.


With your roster (Tell) forget about Tree. Max Kadilen.


Between hirgh, elk and kad, definitely kadilen is the best. Emblem her and she will be handy


I ascended Horghall last year as I had over 15 tonics and my other option was only second Horghall :rofl: Then I got Kingston so I take it as a sacrifice so I am not happy about it at all.

But I don’t use him at all sadly, but on other hand I don’t have his costume. And his attack debuff in costume is the best there is. So with costume it’d be different story.

I tried him for few days in green mono and in some other setups but as he is without costume it’s hard to use him. If you want to use slow hero it has to have great impact when they fire - I am now using Santa in 2-2-1 setup and he works there nicely. So I can imagine C.Horghall would work too.

I wouldn’t bring him against teams with DoT damage as it cannot be lowered by attack debuff but against hitters he will work like a charm (well, if he fires tho).

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That damn tree has lots of enemies! :grinning:

I will max Kadilen first and then we’ll see! I have time till that point, still have to level Poseidon and Clarissa after the last costumes I’ve got from chamber (made like 22 summons cause I was saving keys from months)

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I was all ready to give me “play with what you have” speech, especially after seeing you are also F2P like me, but the rest of your post shows me that Horghall is not all you have. I gotta agree with most of my F2P brethren here… Kaidlen or Elkanen is probably a better choice in your situation. I recently got Horghall, and I am planning to max him, but my situation differs from yours in a few ways:

  • Horghall is my only green legendary.
  • I have 18 tonics already.
  • I have a makeshift tank on defense; you have the only tank that matters anymore on defense (Telluria).

Since I’m just now leveling mine, I can’t tell you how he is, but I do use Skittleskull more than most people, and I barely notice the attack down. Maybe I’m just not paying attention. Now, Costume Horghall has a more substantial attack down, and he’s also way more survivable than Skittles, so I’m not saying there may not be a reason to level and use him eventually. I’m on record as saying I think every hero has a niche. But in your situation, I don’t think he’s gonna bring a ton to your team versus your other options. (If you could send me that costume so I could try it out, tho…)


I would have said to ascend him if you didn’t have Telluria but now he would only shine in a rush tournament with no red allowed. Costumed Horghall is a good tank if your opponent forgets to bring attack up or a cleanser. Your opponents attacks may not even do 1/3 of the damage after he fires, it’s pitiful really. But he only punishes careless players on a bad or so so board. Telluria is just so much better overall.


It would be great! Such a waste of luck, found a 5 star and it’s useless :rofl:

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i have horgall with costume and even with some talents, he’s ok, and he really shine in the Rush Attack tournament, that -54% atk is up almost all the time. i like him and don’t regret leveling him up.


I have neither costume horghal or telly, but I can’t help wondering what both on an attack team would be like?

But I am a big Kadilen fan (no costume)

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I am also F2P and for us all heros have a place.
Horghall with the costume and Def down will be a nice addition, mainly for the deff down, because having telluria , horghall will never be your tank.
I have kadilen and elkanen maxed, and they are not great, but usefull.

My recommendation will be, check your emblems, kadilen and horghall share emblems.
If you have emblems for them I will level horghall, if you don’t have emblems for them I will level first kadilen

Horghall will not be as useful for you as Azlar is, let me explain:

Azlar is a finisher, if you manage to fire him it’s game over most of the times. Even if there aren’t many red tiles on the board, you can just ghost tiles and wait for most of the enemy team die slowly.

Paired with BT and Wilbur he is DEVASTATING (but probably you already know that).

Horghall, on the other side is an attack reducer, and the reason he is not useful is his slow mana. Reducing attack is most useful at the beggining of the battle, to increase your team’s survability.

Now by the time he fires, either the rest of the team already did the work, or they are already dead.

Another big difference between them is Azlar’s high (793), and Horghall’s very, very low (657) base attack. should Horgall be as high as Azlar he would be useful at least against titans.

In that aspect 4* Skittleskull is better suited, with 728 base attack, and special skill just a little lower than Horghall’s.

Just to be clear, I have both of them, Azlar is +6 and Groot is 1/1, so I haven’t leveled him, above are my reasons for it (that and a few more better greens I’ve got)

My 2 cents


F2P here that’s been using Horghall for a long time, but who does anything possible to not. Don’t believe me? My emblemed Gobbler wants a word. lol

I have no hate, but after years of play I can honestly say the only thing he has going for him is that he’s got more health than a 4*. Green has such good 4* options, and you’ve already got Telly…if you have a ton of Tonics, go for it, but you’ll never be glad you did even if you don’t regret it. It’s just kinda there.

That said, costume might change that, who knows. :slight_smile:

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I support, horgall is the bottom, it is necessary to change the hero’s hints and statistics

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Duh, i’m the only one that read this topic title kinda as a sexual reference?

Nevermind that, on topic.
I have even his costume but he is still at 3.70 and i don’t have any intention to give him tonics.

Ydo you really call it Horghall? :joy::joy::joy:

At the end mine is still sitting at 1.1! I’ve maxed Kadilen instead and found Lianna costume, also maxed her.
Now I’m slowly working with Bertila, don’t know if give her tonics or start a second Lianna… My roster changed a lot, now the idea of maxing the tree-man is definetly gone

I am leveling mine. Already maxed his skills and he is still at the 2nd tier, fed by 1* green heroes. I’ll get him to 3/70, like most of my legendary heroes I have in my inventory, even if I have better heroes for my ascension materials.

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