I think I am cursed with bad 10-pull luck

I often wonder if it might be helpful to people up front to understand how possible these sorts of outcomes are. They’re dramarically more probable than I think people realize, but I’m not sure if that information would actually deter anyone from plunking down cash.

1 event hero in 100 pulls is a 0.7% probable outcome, which means that about 1 in 140 people will have that happen on average. That’s kind of a shockingly high number.

1 in 140 people means there are probably around 10,500 people in the same boat among daily active E&P players.

1 featured hero in 110 Atlantis pulls is far more probable still. That’s a 34% probability of occurrence, so a little more than 1 in every 3 players will be in the same boat. Or over 500,000 of us among daily active players.

Definitely food for thought as people ponder how much cash to plunk down on Teltoc and Atlantis.

I hope you find F2Ping as rewarding and fun as several of our prominent forum-ers have. It seems to be really liberating for many.

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