I think Hemidall needs to rebalance and change skills

Hemidall design to be tank and his revive skill on tank position is pretty useless. Actually every player who uses him as tank ignore one skill of him so maybe he is the only hero which use in defense and lost a skill.
I suggest change it and add to his state or add another skill

I personally disagree.

I do not think that just because people choose to use him as a tank means his special skill needs to be optimized for that particular purpose.

Rebalancing I think should be saved for heroes that are either excessively weak or excessively strong.

Heimdall is already considered a great, but not overpowered hero and as such, I do not see any need for a balance change.


Heimdall is not designed as tank. If you or others want to use him as tank, yes, he is a viable option.

But most players have other uses for him and the occasional revive is a nice extra there.

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Agreed. The removal of his Rez (its a small % to begin with) would only pigeon hole him as a tank. His Rez actually makes him flexible as a flank and wing option.

Overall, Heimdall is not a Rez hero. He is a healer with an attack buff and Rez. There is no need to adjust him at all.


With the new formations “tank” isn’t as important as it used to be. He is my tank in wars as my alliance runs green, but before formations I had Krampus as tank and Heimdall as support. I don’t mind that he is flexible. Also he often fails to resurrect anyone, so I depend on his healing way more than resurrecting

i agree whats writeen on card bout reviving allies is useless!! he should have percentage reviving same as mother north …

Heimdall in the team I met was often at wing position than tank. But I think he also suitable as tank thanks health boosting ability but need to compromise his revive skill may not work well because usually tank is the first one being defeat in normal raids formation, so add one more healer in the team may help I think.

And then take away which of his other skills?

What??? Make his resurrection rate the same with MoNo? The only way I would agree on that is if his stats would be nerfed to half of what he has currently, or by removing his HP boost and attack buff.

I don’t use him as a tank.

He is green attack buffer for titans.

He is a second deep healer when two healers are needed (first restores health to max and he adds health over max).

He is perfect for ninja tower last levels with his hp build up for the last levels. Basically amazing healer for difficult PVP.

Revive chance comes in handy when Mother North does not fit my team for any reason. Though in defense its impact is much less I agree. But so what - he’s still used successfully as a tank for his durability, HP boost and attack boost.

reduce the percentage of his attack buff…so everything written on the card is valid…

Not a good idea! If mother north is used as a tank her revive would be as useless as Heimdalls special and Heimdall isnt designed for tank! Dont ruin a good hero lol

No he’s fine the way he is.

I think he’s perfectly balanced and think as tank yeah he OK if your all green. But much more reliable on flank. If your team are getting fed up of him then I suggest other tank options to better suit the team.

Lets not mess with him like they did with telluria.

I think he is a tank but with a little extra to give him other uses. Which I like.

He’s does a decent job for me in AW upfront where the revive is less useful and then I use him in Raids and PVP where the revive becomes useful. He’s a very solid all rounder. Which I really like.

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This guy shouldn’t even be used as a resser in the first place. That resurrection should be seen as a bonus skill. He’s designed more as a tank tbh

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