I think a bad special skill

I was battling another player in the Raid or something. And they had a character that could revive the characters that you have destroyed and it just seemed way too frequent and way too easy for them to revive Dead characters. It’s like they were Reviving characters every other turn and it seem like the bull that you can revive a character that often and that easy. Like I said it seemed like every other turn they were able to bring someone back into battle and if you’re going to give a character that ability I don’t think it should be that easy where there’s a 33% chance of Reviving someone and they shouldn’t be able to revive three or four characters at once. I found that skill a bit over the top

You are talking about Alberich. Incidentally he is one of the more sought after heroes in the game. Definitely comes with an unmatched ability. Usually, while raiding - you would want to snipe him before he can revive anyone. Good luck with your raiding!


Alberich is intended to be a very powerful and unique hero, since he is a HotM. While he can be obscenely strong when he revives his entire team, he can also be underwhelming if he revives no one, so is balanced on average. Like many other powerful heroes, he requires you to strategize around his ability, whether you play with him or against him. Generally I try to avaoid hitting him and charge my own specials to quickly kill him with direct damage. Alternatively, I will often bring Merlin or Peters to mitigate his special if it does get charged.


don’t complain and double up on reds and kill him quick. what u want the game to be easy peasy? there are other heroes more powerful than him. Guinevere Hel Ares Athena wukong. His skill is a gamble he can revive everyone to noone or in between. even i tested it trying to revive just one hero it took me 7 tries ; must have been bad luck.

if u cant beat them avoid them. heck even i avoid Guinevere hel and athena and i’m a rank 1000 player

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Proof He is not so special and best take him out fast

I’ve heard this complaint many times and the responses above are helpful when going against him. I also feel that there is a reason his special skill has not been duplicated due to the amount of complaints about his special. Bad news is you can’t get him or the other mentioned more powerful hotms, good news is if you ever rank in the top 20 in this game, you can say you did it without those heros others need to do it lol. Just keep playin amd strategizing, it’ll get better as you get better and your hero collection grows and gets stronger as well

Actually, the old HOTM’s will be re-released at some point in the future (as yet unspecified by the Devs). Keep your eyes peeled for news on this. :slight_smile:


It’s going to be like pokemon. Gotta catch them all…


I like the game a lot, just doesn’t seem right to have things determine buy just one character and why the creators would create characters that dominate so much over others

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I’m not saying he’s invincible and now I’m not saying the game should be easy. I’m just saying so much should be put on just one character

So they stop releasing these characters mentioned. I’m sorry, I’m kind of new to the game

They do a special hero every month. A hero of the month or a hotm for short. Hero is only available during that current month(at least for the time being). They are stronger than other heros in the game and typically have pretty advanced specials. The reason they are so powerful is because the chance to get them is slim, so players tend to spend quite a bit to get the one they want. 1 guy told me he spent a grand just tryin to get alberich. So huge cash cow, i have seen players get the hotm from free tokens tho so it’s not 100% must buy to recieve but odds of getting hotm for free is slim. Now they haven’t released any hotm that is too strong to be strategized against. I use all 4* teams 99% of the time and take down all 5* teams including teams with the best hotms which are hel, athena alberich, and ares(not in that order). So it seems unfair at first but once you get used to goin against them on a regular basis, taking them down becomes 2nd nature. U look at opponent and know which heros and troops u need to use without even thinkin about it. @Vito342


Someone let me know when Ares comes back, I already started saving my gems for him.

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Keep thine eyes peeled! I know I will be. :wink:


Thanks for the replies, I don’t think I’m really getting this game. One minute I’m kicking butt and then the next I’m getting my ■■■ kicked by a team that has way less power than me two or three times in a row. It seems like when the game wants you to lose you lose and when it wants you to win you win

This is common - I’m currently in a down raid cycle as well. Losing more than I win it feels like. I did win a ton in a row for a while, though.

What is this?




The target receives comic! Could be improved?

While special attacks are separate from level, they still depend on the stats of the hero. For some reason Damage Over Time effects are described with an absolute value on the hero card, but like the x% damage of a direct attack listed on the card, the DoT value is actually calculated from the hero’s current attack stats. I have no information as to why the two damage types are displayed differently, but the behind the scenes calculations are similarly done. Possibly it’s because a ‘x’ fixed damage + ‘y’% listing on the hero card took too much of the limited space before the card format was adjusted to fit longer power descriptions.

Hence the DoT effects listed on a hero card will not match what the leveled version in the summon gate shows until the hero stats match those on the leveled card, which means said hero is fully to 4/70 or 4/80.

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