I strongly dislike merged topics

Well wishes

Good luck mods ( not being sarcastic)

Being a moderator on other forums, their is no smartphone friendly way to merge topics.


Messy merged topic are better than a wild tangle of stubs scattered throughout the forum clogging up the search. Search within a topic is also more friendly than forum wide search. The main reason being it excludes the Suggestion sub forum ( though advanced search lets you avoid sub forums also ). And chronology is easier to decipher when there are several changes ( such as with titans).

Forums are messy things because humans are messy.

“Moderators are paid and praise and taxed in grief. The pay is too low and the taxes too high!”- Gryphonknight

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Agreed, I have no interest in reading through giant threads.


I agree, it seems pretty arbitrary to close it. But I don’t know how else we wouldn’t always end up with two active threads on the same topic.

Do you have other suggestions?

I agree completely!

The challenge is that many of the posts created lack clarity in their titles and questions. People also often wander off the specific topic within a thread.

When someone writes a clear, direct topic title and top post, it’s a thing of beauty. And those threads do well to stay on their own.

It’s the muddy ones that are a challenge — and if we left all of those alone, there would be literally dozens of very similar posts about everything. Usually with a profoundly vague title.

I’m honestly not sure how best to ensure good, clear post topics that make searching work well. So far a fair amount of editing has been happening to make them clearer.

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While I get your point and appreciate the job you are doing, trigger-happy merging sometimes creates unfollowable mess.


I appreciate that — to be clear, at least in the context of any merges I am aware of related to Wonderland, none of them were more than a single post or two. They weren’t extensive conversations that were merged in, just a single related question and sometimes one or two short responses.

So for that case at least, I don’t think the “unfollowable mess” was an issue of merging…the original thread’s conversation was equally meandering.

In fact, the vast majority of posts in that thread were not merged in — only a handful or so were.

(Though I can’t speak for whether larger merges I’m not aware of may have also happened.)

The idea of separate short threads is a good one, if the topics are well-defined.



If users would use their Gorram Likes, the “Summarize This Topic” button works wonders.

Goes from 257 posts - with a 34 minute average read time - to 54 posts ( linky, linky )

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Looks like we better also add a third category for snarky, dismissive commentary so we don’t miss anyone…


No need. Just put your comment in the first thread, mine in the second one. See, it’s working already. Again, your welcome.

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The problem is, you have to split/merge whole conversations. Maybe they can just add a category for “scintillating repartee” and move both our comments there. That would help everyone by creating a thread that’s safe to ignore. :wink:


The judgment is simple. When you have quetion but meeged yet without being answered, it means that the merge is improper.

I suspect that the merge is abused as a way to punish those who are not a cheerleader for SG. They merge you to the dead threads others are no longer intetested in.

Yeah, clearly they never merge positive posts or posts by people who are generally positive about the game…

…like this MERGED/CLOSED post by the person who put up a very popular thread about how great the game is:

…or this:

…or this:

…or this:

…or this:

…or this:

…or this:

…or this:

…or this:

…or this:

And on, and on, and on.


SG logic: anything could be merged, EXCEPT these full of unanimous acclaim upon them.

Every last one of those threads was merged and closed. The notion that there’s some agenda behind enforcing the forum rules on duplicate threads is just craziness.

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I frequent a poker forum, probably not allowed to name it here but it’s the good one lol. Uhh the main thing the mods do is handle abusive comments and spam. Occasionally move something to the right section. That’s about it. Sometimes there’s even more than one thread about the same thing going on! here’s the thing… it’s super easy to navigate through titles of posts and find one you want to click on. But it’s not easy to navigate your way through a jumbled mess of hundreds of comments and disjointed conversations from posts merged together. It’s disruptive to the conversations people are trying to have and it’s a hassle on the person who clicked for a specific thing but now they have to dig through all these comments that are a separate thing from what you clicked for. All those posts about “thanks for the Valentine’s Day offer” yeah lump em together, that’s not a discussion and those types of posts do clutter the forums. But if they didn’t get clumped, not a big deal… Browsing the topics it takes like not even half a second to know what a post is about and whether or not THAT POST and the conversation from THAT POST is what you want to read.


It also makes me wonder when a new person posts and then the post get merged into “the ridiculous name a thread” how they end up feeling being told their view is basically ridiculous.

Can you give an example of this happening? I agree that it would be a really bad thing to do. Personally, I feel pretty uncomfortable even linking to one of those threads in another thread, because of the message it sends.

The only thing I’ve ever seen is people mistakenly posting real complaints in those threads, which usually get split out pretty fast.


I’ll go dig for them… Been a lot of posts in tge last week or so…

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I haven’t and never would merge a complaint into The Ridiculous Complaints thread as it’s meant to be satire, not real complaints.

I have seen people put real complaints in there, though, which are typically moved to more appropriate spots.

The other “ridiculous” threads describe something as ridiculous, not the complaint itself, e.g. Summons are ridiculous or Class quests ridiculous — and those are actual complaint threads, with titles chosen by the OPs.


I had ignored this thread until I went searching for what I thought was a minor sub-topic re Wonderland. Lo and behold the major heading of Wonderland seemed to have been merged with every little title I looked at.

The problem is if you try to find the smaller topic, it is lost in the jungle.

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I’m not sure what in particular you went to look for, but there are actually a fair number of Wonderland related threads that are active and open, so maybe one of these will help:

There may be others too, there are enough open that it’s hard to inventory all of them.

EDIT: here’s another one that just popped up: No more Tanks! Or all Tanks!

This is a good example of where thread titles can be challenging. Would you have guessed that thread is about Cheshire Cat?


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