I stopped spending gems and today I realized why and it's kinda silly


When I started playing the game I could not wait till I reached my 300 gems to roll a hero. Bought a few of those sweet special deals too. Now I realized I’m sitting on over 500 gems and 5 hero tokens and I… don’t wanna use them.

I mean I DO, but I also don’t. And that’s because as they lay around the way they do, they hold a promise and a mystery. They can give me a cool 5* hero, or some garbage I don’t need. They’re Shroedinger’s heroes, both great and horrible for now.

The moment I roll them and get a 3*/4* I’m gonna sigh and be like “meh, okay, next, enough garbage rolls gotta warrant me a 5*”.

And then the moment I roll them and get Leonidas I’m gonna bemoan: “WHY OH WHY THIS COULD’VE BEEN JOON LIANNA VIVICA WHY DID YOU USE MY 5* LUCK ON THIS…THIS… THISSS?”

And then I’m gonna be salty.

And come here and make a thread (or find existing one and necro it like a boss) crying about how Leonidas (or any other 5* hero that’s bad, sorry Leo for picking you as the poster boy of heroes I find bad) sucks.

And I just… I prefer the sight of my shiny tokens glittering with promise and limitless potential. This way I need nothing, I want for nothing. I face no disappointment, I don’t have to look into the mocking eyes of the one who took the place of the one who could’ve been here in my roster instead.

I guess my Elkanen-born bitterness has turned me into a Token Hamster with a side of Gollum.

Just stuff 'em in my cheeks and go MWY PWESHHIOUSH…



There is no incentive to buy gems i have bought many with my other account and the odd of getting anything good is the same as someone who doesnt spend money. There is no value for money


Of course you get the same odds. Paying for gems just gives you more opportunities to roll the dice.

To the OP, I get what you are saying. I’m currently sitting on almost 1200 gems that I partially purchased. No idea when I will use them but I enjoy thinking of all the possibilities. Ooo yes I’ll most definitely get that Joon and HOTM. XD


I lost all hope of summons where i have gems ready or not i am over the
disappointment of 3* characters


As i said im not the only one the only difference with me is this is just a
game and if theres no enjoyment in playing it. There is no incentive for me
to continue playing.


I have spoke to you about this prior and it hasn’t made any difference to
the enjoyment of this game and i only mention it again because people in my
alliance have made another mention of this issue and are disappointed too.


i often feel the same way. i’m sitting on about 20 of the basic tokens. i usually get crappy 1* troops anyway, so i don’t try. maybe once i hit 30 i’ll just use them all, knowing that they’ll be worthless anyway.


They were fun when I used to think they have a chance of giving any hero :smiley: Then I learned they don’t so I just click them when I get them not really checking what I got, it’s all just food anyway.


You do get a chance at any hero minus event heros and heros of the month.


I think she means she thought basic tokens gave chances for 4* or 5*. Which we know they don’t.

I agree, they would definitely be more exciting if it even had the tiniest chance for more than 3*


Aye, that’s what I meant :slight_smile: Sorry for being non-specific.

And ye that’s what I thought they did. A tiny chance to spawn a 4* troop or 4*/5* hero :slight_smile:

Took me I think two months to realize I’d been duped :smiley: Not the sharpest tool in the shed…


I loved your Schrödinger’s riff :smile:


I also frustrated with gems…when started would get a great hero…now just get repeats…both w gems and daily summons and cannot get anything better than 2*… then go on raids and everyon5 has 4 or 5 * heros levelles to max and player has lower level score…losing enjoyment


Uhhh? What do you spend your gems on? You only get 2* with daily summon, if you save up your gems to 300 and do an elemental or epic summon, you get 3* or better.


Daily summon can give a 3*


For me, I save my gems for 10 troop pulls. Guaranteed I need all of them as troops take a lot of feeding. Not as high as a reward if I were to pull a 5* hero but a much higher low end reward imo


I use my gems to speed up wanted chests. My comment was a reply to @Kerric (it doesn’t show sometimes that I replied to someone), who said he gets 2* from his saved gems. And I think he must be doing daily summons with his gems, because epic or elemental only gives 3* or better.


I use gems now to speed up building to get to SH & TC 20.


I prefer saving gems to 1500 and spending them on special elemental features. They give you 3 epic tokens, few 3* heroes, 3* troops and trainer heroes. Everything of the same element.


I think those are a good value and a good way to split the difference between elemntal draws and hero draws, especially as you can choose your color