I started a Youtube Channel


I started playing Empires and Puzzles in 2019. I really enjoy this game. That’s why I decided to
share my experience on youtube. Would be nice to get some support and hear some feedback. My youtube Channel is EP Hero. :slight_smile:

Come check out my channel!:



I just finished League Of Villains Challenge Event - Legendary. I try to Improve my Score. Any sugestions??

Check out my last game on legendary:


Let’s see the reward I’ve got from Fire Chest and Titan Chest.

Hello, how is everything?

By any chance, do you know anything or can you tell me where I’m looking, information if we need any release from the developers to post videos of the game, which may be monetized by Youtube? Because I also started my channel and I’m worried about it, and I’m having trouble finding the answer…

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