I started a new E&P blog

starting with the Daily Diamond Challenge.


Hahaha. I like what you are doing.

My answer: Just match the available blue tiles, either by a simple 3-tile match or forming a dragon tile. This will result to a cascade that will develop a yellow diamond tile. I can’t see any other possible diamond tile being formed.

I’m just going to reply to a clickbait thread title.

My blog:

Week 1. Scored some gold tokens!! Dawa and Bane.

Week 2. Scored some gold tokens!!! Berden and Friar tuck

Week 3. Scored some gold tokens!!! Nashgar, Azar, Dawa?

Week 4. Scored some gold and extra troop tokens!!! 3* troop, Bane, Karil

Week 5. nothing

Week 6. Gold token!!! Belith.

Week 7. nothing

Week 8. nothing

Week 9. A gold token!!! Gunnar.

Rinse and repeat!!


thanks for the reply! i had a slightly different move, but the result is the same haha.

i posted a follow up with the solution (and a new challenge!), but i’ll shout you out in a future post and mention your alternative solution.

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goodness, i wish i scored Epic Hero Tokens that often!

You have no idea, recently, I scored over 33 in one month or so. Haven’t seen one since!

Wowza, that’s more than one EHT/day! @sft1965 :star_struck:

It was absolutely awesome while it lasted. Now I’m on a streak of grey tokens.


Mostly, the EHT’s gave me mostly junk I can’t use and my second Master Lepus (1 for every of that event I participated in and summonsed). The ETT’s gave me a green Ninja and another red 4 star crit and mana troop.

Boo for silver tokens streak. Gold tokens will come back around! :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s still more than five days left of Springvale. Just need one lucky EHT. :four_leaf_clover:

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Badly wanted a Killhare, the only hero I am missing from Springvale. Also wanted a 2nd Woolerton. 2 EHTs only, gathered after using up all my 20ish tokens early on this event just to get the rooster when I am chasing the purple bunny. I hope this mythic titan event, raid tourney and Springvale Sunday freebie will reward me with more EHTs. Oh, well… after this seasonal event, will start hoarding them again for Morlovia, where I don’t have a single legendary hero there, as well as Frank.


On topic, I have provided an answer to your 2nd daily challenge event on your other thread here. Please have one common thread to avoid confusion. The guys here just happened to hijack your thread here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You pulled more EHTs in a single month than I’ve received in an entire year. :flushed::joy:

Somehow, that just makes the 600 silver tokens staring at me from my Home Screen feel that much better. :roll_eyes: :joy:

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