I spend money on this game. Now please listen. Ascension items


So today I finally poked under the top 150 in the world (until revenge raids… sadface). I have some of the best players in the world in my Alliance, and what holds me back? Ascension items. I’m even TRYING to buy your ascension packs, I bought all 10 of the crappy ones in the store, and got a million more level 1 items, and not a single hidden blade, trap tools, or warm cape. NONE, out of ten packs.

You have people willing to spend money on this game if you only made them available or ATTAINABLE in a realistic fashion.

Get rid of these useless ascension packs, and make ones that only contain items of a minimum rarity, and keep your province 1, level 1 trash. Yes I know it’s random, and I got what I paid for, but not offering something better is just plain stupid when people are asking to let you spend money in the game, and you’re saying no.


We are already subject to insane RNG and ridiculous grinds to GET 5* cards and LEVEL these characters… why make it so nearly impossible for ascension items as well?

In conclusion… put them in the shop… and…


It’s times like these that make me think games partner with psych departments in universities to study gamer reactions to deprivation. :sunglasses:


I have to admit this is funny. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re in the midst of a bad luck streak, Penari, but I don’t see that as a reason for SG to change their distribution tables. What you’re asking for would wreck game balance because without a chance to fail players with the desire and the cash would simply buy all their favorite heroes, max them out immediately and then what? Find something else to spend their money I suppose.

FYI, I also took advantage of the latest “trainer’s tools” pack, I bought 7 and I received a compass, a hidden blade, and two warm capes. So, clearly I made some good rolls, however I still didn’t score the critical ascension item I really wanted and I burned a lot of gems which I was saving for another hero pull.

We notice luck most when we’re in the midst of a streak, good or bad, however when you realize that over time everyone experiences the same luck according to whatever distribution curve is in play, you can just do the math and hopefully find some peace of mind.

From what I’ve seen so far, the odds in E&P are designed so that it would take about a year for a “free” to $5 player to field a strong team of mostly 5* heroes. If you look at the top players you can safely guess they spent A LOT of money to max out their experience in the game in perhaps a month at most.

Final piece of advice, pick an amount of money and time that would make you happy playing this game and then be at peace with it. Remember “the devs” have to tailor their game experience to the widest possible fan base while preserving their own vision of THEIR GAME. Empires and Puzzles is their baby, their work of art, and I personally admire them for their effort and creativity.

I support SG at a level of play I can afford in both time and money. I’ve played games of all sorts over what is thankfully becoming a long life and I find E&P to be extremely well balanced with a price model that does allow me to play competitively, for free if I want to, as long as I have the patience to wait a few months. So, sorry for the bad luck, however it will turn good for you eventually, that is a mathematical guarantee.


I’m not asking them to change their distribution tables, in terms of making nicer “chances”. I’m asking them to change their offerings, and remove items from those packs entirely. Province 1-1 trash should never be included in as a possibility in a purchased item. Even Epic Heroes have a similar concept, a minimum quality. You’re not going to get a 1* from an epic roll.

If they want to gate people, make the ascension items variable, but only of high quality. ie, I need trap tools to ascend Hel, but I keep getting sturdy shields. But ffs, it would be like doing an epic hero summon and getting a 1* troop… that’s just garbage.


I understood what you were asking. I killed two birds with one stone by addressing both increased drop chances and outright buys of desired items, the latter being your explicit request.

I had an online friend who loved the mmorpg, “City of Heroes”, if I remember correctly when the game first released you could power up your Heroes quickly and easily. As the player base increased or perhaps for other reasons they made some pretty drastic changes to game balance and I think my friend stopped playing. He lost interest because at the start the heroes were truly Super Heroes and later they were nerfed to the point where he felt like he was playing “City of the Slightly Better than Average.”

So, would you like playing E&P if just super rich people logged on briefly to kill a Titan or two, stare at their perfect teams and then log off to enjoy their $20 late and $500 tennis shoes, while all the rest of us quit? I think it would be pretty weird if over the course of a few days suddenly a new top 50 of players emerged all with full teams of 5* all maxed. I don’t see how that could be stopped if they allowed players to buy all they want whenever they want.

Final note for anyone who spends money like that… how do you sleep at night? Lols!


that makes sense.

I play with the top two players in the game, Arien and Apokaside, and even they are not ‘maxed’. Given that I’m downing teams from people in the top 50 when my team is 300 power weaker, I can tell you that those top 50 players would be the bottom 150 if they weren’t actively playing. Things would change, sure, but the game would still be fun. Just my two cents. I do like your “City of the Slightly Better than Average.” reference. Quite funny.


Thanks Penari, I feel you. :smiley: